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Sunday, March 18, 2001
          45 Again, the kingdom of the heavens is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls; 46 and having found one pearl of great value, he went and sold all whatever he had and bought it.  - Matthew 13:45-46

         The Pearl of Great Price Is the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus' parable above teaches us to get rid of all negatives in our consciousness, sell them all off, to purchase the Kingdom of Heaven that lies within each of us.  And so we must.  We must sell off all our old ways, our fears, our distrust, our resistance to our Good, for the Kingdom of Heaven is purchased by living in the Truth.  The Truth Is, God Is All There Is, there is none other.

                   But many of us will not purchase the Kingdom in this lifetime.  Why?  Because we shrink from the Truth.  We deny our demonstrations of Good with distrust, we fear life rather than love it.  Our ego mind has convinced us to trust in it, rather than in God.  We are blinded to Love, Peace, Harmony and Joy because the Truth makes us uncomfortable, makes us go beyond our "human self" to accept a conviction of Faith in the Invisible.  We are so very comfortable in accepting what we "choose" to believe, what we assume, rather than seek the Truth and allow Truth to demonstrate for us.  Rather than Trust in the Invisible Good, we trust in "appearances."  We would rather just get along with everyone even though this means we get to join them in their misery, their angst and their assumptions.  But this journey into misery is not a short one, for we take our consciousness with us into the next Life, and it will manifest more of the same wherever we may be.  In other words, "no matter where we go, there we are," either in this world or the next makes little difference.  Forms change far more easily than consciousness because a change in consciousness requires complete surrender to God - to Truth.

                   Let's look at Jesus' parable in the reverse.  What so many of us have become are consumers who purchase gossip, manipulation, illness, arrogance, resentment, competition and half-truths rather than merchants selling them off, getting rid of them, in order to receive the Kingdom of Love, Peace, Harmony and Joy.  But these are not of God, they are man's laws, man's ways.  Man believes that these things either make them powerful or make them powerless.  Neither are true.  The only Power is the Truth, there is none other, for God Is Truth.  The Truth and only the Truth can give us the spiritual coin necessary to purchase the Kingdom - our Peace on Earth.  Anything short of it is living in mental bondage and if we don't stand in the Truth and seek the Truth in all things, we will remain in bondage until we do.

                  Jesus said, "don't you have eyes to see and ears to hear?"  What use are they if we are deaf and blind to the Truth?  We must "pay attention" to what is happening in our lives or we allow the compromises and the delays to become so habitual that they become our life.

                     "To have understanding is to know a way out of trouble, and to know how to live in peace and health while we are upon the earth.  The man that wanders out of the way of understanding shall rest in the congregation of the dead."  - Proverbs 21:16

                         Trust in God for His ways are not our ways [thank God!].  As we let Truth demonstrate Itself in our lives we begin to take ownership of the Pearl of Great Price.

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates