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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for March 19, 2017
            "We must never forget that the Law of Mind/Spirit perfectly reflects our ideas, whether we call those ideas good, bad or indifferent.  We must never forget that the Universal Mind/Spirit, being Infinite Intelligence, knows how to bring about any desired good we may entertain.  We must never forget that our approach to this Universal Mind/Spirit is through our own inner thought, and that there is nothing which can hinder Its operation through us but our own doubt.  
            Every day we must believe that we are receiving Divine Guidance and Inspiration, and every day we must declare that Guidance, Inspiration and Power are ours.  We must learn to believe that we exist at the very threshold of limitless opportunity.  We must accept our self as we desire the Law to accept us.  We must realize there is nothing in the universe opposed to us other than our own doubt or any desire we might have to use the Law destructively.  Since we have no desire to use the Law destructively, we know there is nothing against us.  There is nothing that can hinder, impede or impair our progress." 
- Ernest Holmes, Lessons in Spiritual Mind Healing (modified)

            In these two short paragraphs Ernest Holmes gives us the foundation of the Law of Mind, which is a Law of Correspondence.  He also offers many of us a great challenge in these words; that is, to accept our self as we desire the Law to accept us.  In other words, we cannot see our selves as sick and riddled with un-ease and expect health to be magically brought forth in our body or mind.  We cannot allow lack and limitation to fester in our mind and expect prosperity and financial ease to become part of our life experience.

            It is challenging to give up old habitual thoughts and thought patterns but we have it in us to do just that.  We begin by loosing from our mind the negatives based on our past experiences.  And we must begin loosing from our mind all the things we have learned from the world that hinder our mind from freely accepting new ideas about who we are.  For many people this life experience has brought with it many things that negate their positive self image and some of this has been downright cruel in nature.  Yet, our spirit is never broken nor has it lost the strength necessary to make the changes in our thoughts about our self and our ability to transform our lives.  As Ernest Holmes teaches; "we must learn to believe that we exist at the very threshold of limitless opportunity."  This limitless opportunity is realized through the strength of our soul or consciousness.  We are amazingly intelligent even though our past life choices and decisions may cause this appear to not be true.  We cannot be anything other than intelligent as we are part of the Intelligence that is Omnipotent and Omnipresent; present everywhere and within every living thing.  

            Consider the things that are appearing as "facts" in your life now; your income, your work, your relationships, your health, your peace of mind and your unfilled desires.  Whatever the condition of these things may be in your life they are considered by the Collective Consciousness to be the facts of life.  This Collective Consciousness is the way the world perceives facts.  However, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that facts change.  No matter how steadfast they may appear to be.  We are not shackled to the facts of our life.  We are bound to the Spirit ... the changeless, immutable Truth, Intelligence and Power of G-d.

           As Ernest Holmes states so profoundly and so simply "there is nothing that can hinder, impede or impair our progress" ... and this we must condition our mind to accept as the truth about us.  And we can begin to do this right now as we approach the Spirit with magnified love knowing that as the Spirit is free, so are we.

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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