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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for March 20, 2011 

              “Behold thou my face forevermore."  "Look unto me and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth."  That is, look up and not down.  The reason we have difficulty in throwing off some weakness of character - while believing in Spirit implicitly and having faith that we are going to overcome our limitation - is because we have not induced the necessary images in mind.  If we had, we would overcome our troubles.  Thinking of our weakness keeps the image of it before us.  We cannot be too insistent on this all-important point:  in spiritual-treatment, we must TURN ENTIRELY AWAY FROM THE CONDITION.  Disease and limitation are neither person, place, nor thing.  Turn entirely away from the condition, or limited situation, to its opposite, to the realization of health, happiness and harmony." - The Science of Mind, page 185
              Matthew 5:39 "But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.” - attributed to the radical Jesus

      Every day we wake up to a new beginning and even if we have unfinished business with yesterday, today we will have a different perspective in which to complete our unfinished business, if we are being consistent in our spiritual practices; especially the daily practice of writing down the good that we desire to experience.  For those of us who are serious about expanding the things of the Spirit in our lives, this is one of the most important things we will do each day.  Don't let the simplicity of it deceive you, it is one of the most important things we will do each day.  And it is important that we give it the attention that it deserves.

     Writing down the good that we desire to experience is both a thing of the spirit and of the material.  We all want material things; homes, cars, clothes, healthy bodies, money, etc.  But, many of us expend far too much effort in the direction of the material and far too little contemplation of the Spirit that created these desires.  We shall find much greater success in demonstrating both the material and the gifts of the Spirit that are woven in them if we take the time to prepare our lists with the awareness that there is always more to everything than what there appears to be.

     Before we include something on our daily list we should affirm that it is a "good desire" ... and be conscious of how we feel when we affirm it.  And then we should think about how it benefits us and how it makes us feel to have it.  Most importantly, what images come to our mind as we contemplate "having it."  Do we see ourselves happy, at peace, more confident, having a good time?  Identifying how this thing desired affects our spirit and having the image of it in our mind, creates a mental equivalent of it in our consciousness.  It is this "spirit filled" mental equivalent that provides an avenue for the Infinite to respond to us.

      Another benefit of making our daily list is that we are being "specific" and "definite" about what we choose to have, to do, or to be.  We can be even more specific and definite by also listing the date by which we desire the thing to be made manifest in our experience.  But, we must remember that we are listing "today's desires" ... tomorrow we may have totally different desires than we have today.  As we write down our desires daily, we will discover after a time that there is a thread of similarity woven through each of our daily lists.  When we are fully aware of this thread, our purpose in life may shift dramatically.  We may value peace above all else, or we may find that being wealthy is a normal and natural way of life for us.  We will never discover these things if we don't begin to write down our desires and be consistent with this spiritual practice.

     Someone may ask, "what happens if none of these "images of good" become part of our experience"?  Don't worry, they will if we truly desire them.  Within each desire for good that we have there is a gift of the Spirit seeking to be expressed in our experience in a greater way.  This is why we know, "that which I am seeking, is seeking me" ... but, it seeks its expression through our mind and when our mind is focused on our good desires, we are being guided and directed to that something that is far greater than we can imagine when we first begin this very simple spiritual practice.  It takes faith and confidence to do this; faith that what we are doing is leading us to something more wonderful and satisfying, and confident that we are deserving and worthy of it.

     We can find both in the science of mind and the philosophy of the radical Jesus that we must look away from that which we do not want ... "resist not evil" is the way Jesus put it.  But, we don't just want to look away from the conditions and limitations that we no longer desire, but we want to change our mind about them (turn the other cheek) and realize a greater good in our experience.  The Infinite has endowed us with the ability to think, to believe, and to imagine things both seen and unseen.  We have the power to choose our thoughts, choose what we believe, and to choose the images of good that fill our mind.  

     The images we see in the world in our daily living, through television, newspapers, the Internet, etc. can often be a predominance of negativity, by focusing on the images of good that we desire each day, brings balance to our conscious awareness.  Very few of us choose to ignore the events in the world around us, and so
this becomes a very necessary spiritual practice.  Dr. Holmes writes in the science of mind:  "To return to a sane simplicity is one of the first and most important things to do.  All people receive some light, and this light is always the same light.  There is one nature diffused throughout all nature; One God incarnated in all peoples."  We can know within our mind that our images of good shall be manifest as good in our experiences.  We can know this, because this is the truth.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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