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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates 
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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for March 21, 2010 

                   "The supreme difficulty in the lives of most people today is lack of supply.  Many have not enough income to meet their simplest needs; they owe money everywhere; they cannot get employment.  Can prayer help them? ... Scientific prayer is the only solution.  Jesus gave us the law when he said:  "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. - Nona Brooks, The Prayer That Never Fails, 1935

Most of us are aware that  many of the greatest metaphysical books were written in some of the most seemingly dire economic times in the 20th Century.  These books contained insights gleaned from ancient scriptures and other spiritual books revealing to anyone who was willing to seek them out, principles that once understood, could bring significant change for Good into our experiences.  Nona Brooks, the Founder of Divine Science, was one of those authors, teachers and healers that knew that the teachings of Truth were changeless and immutable.  She became aware that the teachings of Jesus were more than what religion had understood them to be, much more.  She understood that we must replace the morbid thoughts of lack and limitation with thoughts of expanding prosperity and success.  And she understood that this is what the Master Mind Jesus was telling us.  He demonstrated these principles then and many others have demonstrated their value since to a great degree.  "These things I do and greater things still shall you do," the Great Teacher said.  And although no one has demonstrated spiritual principles to the same degree as him, the demonstrations of health, prosperity and success by those who understood what he was teaching, have been achieved with marvelous results.

As you will note from above, Nona Brooks wrote:  "Jesus gave us the law when he said ..."  And as we take these words into our consciousness we find the simplicity in them:  "seek ye first the kingdom of God" is giving us an instruction to think about the good that we want to experience, or the more of the good we already have, that we want to experience.  But, the key is to think ... towards the good ... think about how happy we will be when we are experiencing it in the physical ... these are the thoughts that we must think in our mind, that is the kingdom of God within us.

We must also seek "his righteous" ... or right thoughts about whatever it is that we want to experience ... we must replace our fear and our doubts with trust and faith in the Infinite.  Dr. Frank Richelieu writes in his book, "The Art Of Being Yourself":  "The Infinite has already given everything that can be given.  When we pray, we should remember this.  We should know that we are not praying for a deity to do something, for others to move into action.  We pray to align ourselves with the divine right action which is taking place at all times.  We pray to bring ourselves into a state of quietness, confidence, and strength.  We pray to come to the point of acceptance."  This is right thinking, or "his righteousness" which automatically aligns our thought with right action.  That is the right action of our thoughts when they are focused on the good.

We are already experiencing our thoughts and beliefs, but we may not be choosing them consciously and actively directing them to something specific in a definite way.  It is not that difficult to do ... but we must begin to do it or we may find something within our thinking that believes that it is difficult, or hard.  Our Creator has endowed us with the ability to do all things with grace and ease, but we must connect with the Ultimate of Grace, G-d, consciously in our mind and our thoughts about the things that concern us; that is, our success, our prosperity, our health and happiness.  We have the power within us to do this because we are part of Intelligence; we think and we reason, so therefore we are part of the Intelligence that is forever expanding through creation.

     For some of us negative thinking and negative conversation has become habitual.  If this is the case for us, then we may need to spend more time sitting in the silence of our mind and meditating on what we really believe about life. 
There is Something within us that knows the truth ... Something that has never identified with the negative ... but we must discover this once again for ourselves.  We "gotta think" success, prosperity, and happiness if we want to experience them ... and we "gotta think" these things until they become so impressed upon our consciousness that nothing can prevent them from becoming our actual experiences.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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St. Francis of Assisi