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Radical Rev. Bates
RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (March 26, 2006)      

        "To be deeply loved by someone gives you strength; to deeply love someone gives you courage." - Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher

Relationships change with cultures and what is deemed right and wrong by one culture to another varies.  In most cultures religion plays a large role in the defined and not so clearly defined rules affecting relationships.  Most religious dogmas have statements against sex before marriage and even statements about sex in marriage.  Catholicism, for instance, contains dogma [rules] against sex even in marriage except for the purpose of procreation.  Christian theologies vary but the basic dogma of most Christian sects is that sex before marriage is fornication but sex in marriage is acceptable whether for procreation or not.  Hinduism states that sexual love is energy and that it is to be shared in marriage or otherwise there are karmic consequences.

    Many people who are outside of the major religions ... especially those who consider themselves spiritual, not religious ... believe they are not influenced by the accepted dogmas of religions.  And to a degree, this is true.  But for most, it is not so.  Since there is only One Mind ... and we are all using the same One Mind ... we are influenced by elements held in this Mind.  The influence of the Collective Consciousness plays a role in our thought processes whether we are conscious of this or not.  And for those of us who have been influenced directly or indirectly through family or friends, to traditional theologies, this becomes a more significant issue.

   In all of my studies in metaphysics I have not found any information that addresses the issues of sexuality directly; that is the issues of sex before marriage, sex outside of marriage or sex in marriage.  But, since All is Mind and we make the decision to have sexual relations in our mind, it is important that we understand the issues that can influence our experiences are in our minds.  

   The two most significant issues for those whose experiences are outside of the acceptable boundaries of religious dogmas are shame and guilt.  Dr. Joseph Murphy, one of the greatest metaphysicians stated that "nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so."  And this is an intelligent approach to all things ... especially sexuality.  Marriage is a wonderful and beautiful way of life ... but it is not the only way ... and whether having sex only unless and until you are married is your choice or not ... does not make sexuality any more or less sacred.  Sexuality is sacred because it is an act of spiritual energy ... the same energy that impulses us to love someone deeply or to feel love for God.  It is directed energy and "caused" by choice ... and all "choosing" activates a response from Spirit.

   Many people have problems in their relationships and marriages over and over again.  Relationships and marriages that reflect a low sexual energy can be healed by addressing the issues "causing" the lack of healthy sexuality.  Guilt and shame which create insecurity, low self-esteem and lack of confidence resulting in low sexual energy can be healed.  Shame, especially, is the silent destroyer of sacred sexuality.  And shame usually results from past false religious instruction or from the influence of the Collective Consciousness; the good sexuality rules and the bad sexuality rules ... man-made rules of morality that have nothing to do with God ... and these issues must and can be healed by contemplating the Truth of our relationship with God and with our Divine sexuality.  

   God, Infinite Spirit,  is not judging us as right or wrong ... but supports us in defining our choices as healthy, happy, harmonious and loving.  The Infinite is not limited nor does It place any limitations on us.  As we heal any remnants of guilt and shame in our consciousness, we can begin to feel more loved and supported and then there is a greater energy available within us to do all things.  As we relate our sexual energy to the Divine we can realize that our sexuality is sacred and we can attract deep love into our lives and be strengthened by it ... and have the courage to return this love just as deeply.  Our sexuality is sacred ... as it is always connected, intertwined, immersed in and energized by the Divine.

And So It Is!  

Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Rev. Bates

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