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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for March 26, 2017
            Every one of us have had experiences that tested our faith in the good and sometimes even in the Power of G-d to provide the good.  Faith and belief are interwoven through our consciousness and the difference between the two are negligible.  Even the Master Mind Jesus words in the Gospels illustrate the confusion regarding faith and belief.  In one instance we are told that He asked the person who came to Him for healing, "do you have faith?"  And then we are told by Him that "it is done unto us as we believe."  And so we find ourselves wondering what comes first faith or belief?  Is it our belief that separates those who demonstrate their faith from those who don't?  And so we take the thought into our mind that if it is done unto us as we believe do we measure this belief by our faith?  We also read in the scriptures that "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."  So, faith is the "forming" of omnipresent substance ... that is the cosmic chemistry so to speak that cloths ideas into forms ... but how does belief affect this powerful faith?

            When the "Law of Attraction" people starting publishing books, holding seminars and lectures and getting lots of attention a few years ago they mostly gave their audiences a very simple idea; "you are responsible for all things that concern you" ... and this included our finances, health, relationships, etc.  Though this idea is grounded in truth, the "responsibility" fails the test of wisdom and intelligence.  How can an individual be responsible for something that is unknown to them, something they are not conscious of?  This statement fails to take into consideration that we are "One" ... in other words, we are all subjected to the Collective Consciousness which encompasses beliefs that are so widely held that few are those who rise above them in consciousness.  The reality of life on planet Earth is that there is a overwhelming belief in conditions like poverty, illness and all its myriad of forms, hereditary diseases, etc.   These beliefs are so embedded in our consciousness that we are not conscious of the measure of our belief in them.  It is only when we experience these things that we realize that we did unconsciously share in the collective belief that made them a fact in our life.  This is the curse of faith or should I say the mingling of belief with faith; we believe in illness, poverty and pain because we see the evidence of it or hear of it or read about it, every day.  And this why telling someone they are responsible for their cancer or their poverty or their unhappiness is not only cruel, but not true.  Would we tell a 3rd grader that he or she is responsible for not understanding physics when they have had no knowledge of, or understanding of, what physics is?

The American mystic Ernest Holmes offers us this wisdom:  "Not only is the Subjective Mind (unconscious) amenable to suggestion by the objective (what we can see, hear, feel, taste and touch), there is an equal reaction of the subjective upon the objective.  In this way we are continuously receiving impressions from the inner mind, while, at the same time, we are continuously giving impressions to it.  In this way a logical action and reaction take place.
         Because of the diversity of ideas which are held in the subjective, it is not always possible to know whether we are following pure intuition or whether or not we are being led by subjective but unconscious thought patterns which have accumulated through the ages, or through our own personal experience.  Intuition would invariably be right if it were never hindered by subjective confusion.  The best we can do at present is to watch these actions and reactions very carefully, always working to know that pure Intelligence alone leads, perfect Love alone guides, and Goodness alone controls." 

            And so we understand that the power of awareness shall provide us with a path to realizing the more and more good that is available to us.  To be aware that something is a "fact" rather than the "truth" activates the power for good within our consciousness.  To realize that words, thoughts and especially habitual negative words and thoughts diminish our power to actualize good in our experience will "cause" us to gain a greater self realization of the strength of the Spirit within us and our ability to reject those things that deny the good and loose from our mind those negative beliefs that can provide a curse rather than a cure.  

             Let us remind ourselves that faith opens our mind to the kingdom of heaven that is at hand as long as we believe that this kingdom is more of a reality than all those things that seem to obstruct It from our experience that were created by the false ideas and beliefs of mankind.

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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