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Weekly Message for Sunday, March 30, 2003

                     We can go back in history thousands of years for evidence of manipulation.  The masses of people have been manipulated by religious organizations, religious leaders, kings, queens and presidents.  The power of manipulation comes from fear.... but it is a false power and eventually those who manipulate and those through their passivity and fear are manipulated ... all reap the bitter harvest ... for there are no victims ... only volunteers.  Life is consciousness and all that we experience is from our own consciousness. 

       This past week has brought us even far greater more alarming news than the war in Iraq ... it has brought us news of aggression against freedom right here in the United States.  Two Nobel Peace Prize winners were arrested this week for protesting the war in Iraq ... two people who were given this most meritorious award for their work in bringing the world closer to peace .. were hand-cuffed and taken to jail.  Once again, I will write, there are no victims ... only volunteers.  I am certain that these two Nobel Peace Prize winners would do what they did all over again ... for they are not protesting merely a war ... but the consciousness that would seduce the American people into accepting an attack on another country.

               The Master Mind Jesus stated, "don't you have ears to hear and eyes to see?" ... in other words ... why do the masses of us not think about the decisions that are being made by our government?  Now, I am not going to state that George Bush & Company are bad men/women ... but I will state that the consciousness that believes that peace and security can be gained through massive bombing is confused .... and lacks a basic understanding of the principles taught by Jesus.

              I have no problem with those who choose war ... because it is all consciousness and they are making choices at the level of their consciousness.  There is nothing dishonest about that.  I do have a problem with those who choose war attempting to manipulate me into supporting their choices.  I don't feel guilty for not supporting this war ... or those who have made the choice to be in favor of it.

            Most of all I will not be manipulated into believing that I must support the young men and women fighting the war in the way that our government has asked us to.  I do not support these young men and women sowing seeds of aggression, hostility and hate in their consciousness.  I support them and pray that they return home .... to their loved ones ... to their successes and to the joy and happiness that Life is supposed to be.  They will not reap any benefit from this war .... they will not make millions from oil .... gain political victories ... or live with a mind that is free.  Unlike those who led them into war ... they do not have the luxury of being emotionally distanced from the violence against their brothers and sisters in Iraq or to their fellow service men and women.

This mass manipulation that separates us from God and from each other is a seed planted in our consciousness that will haunt many for the remainder of their life on this planet.  Do not be manipulated ... pray for the safe return of everyone to their loved ones ... pray that everyone finds their peace .. pray for their health, their mental clarity and for the healing of this experience in their lives..... do not allow yourself to be part of the MASS-MANIPULATION .... let's let the declaration be clear ... BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW!


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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