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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, March 31, 2013 

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           I believe absolutely that G-d, Infinite Spirit, Is Omnipresent, and in this my firm conclusion is that there is good in everything, and we find it when we are persistent and put the full force of our faith in our persistence.  During my time of participation in traditional religion, both Baptist and Catholic, I could never understand religion's conclusions regarding the reason that Jesus was crucified.  I trust in the historians and the authors of religious and spiritual writings that Jesus was indeed crucified, but I fail to accept the reason:  "that he died for our sins."  Jesus' teachings reveal a man not only highly enlightened spiritually, but also highly intelligent.  For him to believe that his dying on a cross would "wipe away the sins of the world" would defy both his enlightened mind and his intelligence.  I don't believe that he would ever have arrived at this conclusion and the fact that sins (evil) continued to persist in the world and continues to this day, is evidence that this was not the truth at all.  And even though the Christian religion has made this a foundation of belief, it is simply not so.  I do believe that those early Christians who wrote about it and retold the idea that Jesus' death on the cross was for the forgiveness of man's sins, wanted to believe it, but truly lacked the awareness that it could not be.  This was an age of innocence of intelligent inquiry or analysis.

     I have never heard of any real consensus regarding Jesus' crucifixion from those of the Jewish faith other than that Jesus became the focal point of a small Jewish religious movement that would evolve into the Christian faith.  However, Islam affirms that Jesus lived, but most Muslims have been taught that Jesus was not crucified. For example, one Sunni Muslim says, “Muslims believe that Allah saved the Messiah from the ignominy of crucifixion.”  I have read that Persians especially did not believe that Jesus was crucified but a substitute was crucified in his place.  Yet, I don't find this idea satisfying my feeling that it is the truth.  

     What I do believe is this, that Jesus was the most highly enlightened personality in history, and still is, and that his superior intellect and ability to know the truth, led him to a far greater purpose than to merely let us escape our karma through some form of outer intervention.  Jesus instructed us that "it is done unto you as you believe" and "as you sow, so shall you reap" and this is the changeless and immutable truth that he demonstrated.  His absolute realization that our life is G-d's Life expressed in form, gave him the capacity to spiritualize both his mind and body.  And in doing so he demonstrated for us all  that we are Spirit having a human experience and that even though the world can destroy a body, flesh and bones, nothing or no one, can destroy the Spirit that Is our Life, eternally.

        "That which seems death to us is really resurrection to the one who passes from this experience into the next. The principle of evolution has no backward glances; it gathers the experiences of the past and pushes these experiences into the future. . . .[Life’s] spiral is ever upward and onward, it never retraces its steps. This is the glorious conception which we may have this Easter season when we commemorate the fidelity of one man [Jesus] to his idea of life, which was so complete that he demonstrated to his followers the indestructible reality of his own soul."  - Ernest Holmes, A Holmes Reader for All Seasons

       The mystical Ernest Holmes is using the word "soul" as it is used in the Holy Scriptures.  We may have referred to it as "consciousness" and that is correct as the two words are synonymous.  The idea that our soul requires purpose is fully illustrated in the Holy Bible and also in the life and works of Jesus and the other great mystics and healers throughout history.  But the soul within those of us who are accountants, plumbers, artists, actors, truck drivers, housewives and a myriad of other necessary and creative expressions of our talents and abilities, has a divine purpose too.  Too often we overlook it because we feel our work perhaps lacks a "spiritual quality" to it, but everything has a "spiritual quality" to it for we are a part of the Spirit and the Spirit is always expressing Itself through us, as us, and for us.  Our soul, like the soul of Jesus, is guided by the truth that we speak and know through the power of the "I AM" within us.  Jesus knew this as an absolute truth ... "I AM the Light of the world" ... he told us ... and he said we too, you and me, we have that Light within us too ... it is directed by us every time we think or speak or write the words "I AM."  This Light, which is synonymous with intelligence and power, is ours to use, but so often we use it in self-abusive ways not realizing that our REAL SELF is the Power, Spirit and Intelligence that created us ... and a part of It, that is God Itself, lives in us, always ... "for "I" will never forsake you or leave you" we can read in the ancient scriptures, for the Spirit of G-d, the "Infinite "I" ... has infinitely individualized Itself through every living thing.

        "Spirit is reality.  Spirit is the underlying substance of that which is permanent, that which is eternal and immortal.  If we want eternal health, if we want eternal substance and supply, we can only get them as Spirit.  So Spirit, or divine Consciousness, now becomes the reality.  If you have a consciousness of the reality of Spirit, you do not have to be concerned with forms, whether they come or whether they go.  It really made no difference that Jesus was crucified and buried in a tomb, because his conscious awareness of himself as Spirit, made him reappear immediately in the same form.  The Crucifixion only proved the reality of Spirit."  - Joel Goldsmith, The Master Speaks

     Jesus revealed to us that
"consciousness" never dies, that the "soul" is never lost and can never be destroyed.  That the Spirit that breathed life into us, IS the Living Spirit within us, both here and in the hereafter.  And so we can turn our sorrow into joy and know that Jesus was not crucified ... a body of flesh and bone was crucified, but it was not Jesus, not his REAL SELF.  From 1 John 4:4 we can read the truth:  "... because greater is he [Spirit] that is in you, than he that is in the world."  And this, is why we should celebrate the mighty consciousness that was Jesus this Easter.  From John 11:25 "Jesus told her, "I AM [G-d, Spirit] the resurrection and the life. The person who believes, even though he dies, will live." ... and "I AM" in us and with us always and in all-ways ... and turns our sorrow into Joy.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes

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