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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (April 2, 2006)      

        "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.  Small people always do that, but the really great, make you feel that you, too, can become great." - Mark Twain

The Master Mind Jesus stated that the "kingdom of heaven is within you" ... and for most of us we realize that this "within" ... is within our mind.  The Radical Rabbi's teachings were diametrically opposed to all other religious/spiritual teachings.  All other teachings seek to instruct the one to be taught in the art or science of living amongst people; in short, they are teachings on social conduct; morality, judgment, and even diet.

    But the Radical Jesus worked to teach the individual how to relate himself to God.  He knew that the human race as a social body is in a state of constant change.  But God never changes; He is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.  The Master Mind Jesus taught that if we were instructed in how to relate ourselves to God, we would find ourselves related to unchanging and unchangeable principles of life, and that this relationship would solve our ever-changing social relationships.  

These principles of life are mental laws ... "it is done unto you as you believe."  An idea is the invisible mental concept which ultimately becomes the spoken word ... the Logos of creation, also called the Word.  Therefore, we understand that God is Mind, Infinite Mind, which occupies every point of space and acts in every instant of time ... It is the Creator and It created us in Its image and likeness.  Like father (Creator) like son (created thing).  Life is incessant creation.  As Jesus stated, "My Father (Creator) worketh hitherto, and I work" ... "Whatsoever the Son (created Being) seeth the Father doing, the Son doeth also in like manner."  In other words, we act upon our environment and we need not submit to any tradition, religion or anybody's thought - we have the power and freedom to go direct to the Source of all wisdom and commune at any time as did Sir Isaac Newton.  "All that the Father hath is mine" ... "Ask and you receive." [from Mind Surgery by Daniel Boone Herring, copyright 1931]

    The one unchanging law of Infinite Intelligence is response.  If we ask Infinite Intelligence for a fish ... it will not respond with a serpent.  By its own law, its response must be like the demand.  This is the basis of the Science of Mind.

     We must use our mind "as" mind, for the purpose for which it was created, to think ourselves free from limitations, inhibitions, traditional trends of thought, and then use every other element in our nature for the purpose for which it was created.  "Don't ye know that ye are gods?" ... the Master Mind Jesus asked.  We may learn through the experiences of others, but we grow only through our own.  Happiness is gained through growth; there is no other way to happiness; and growth is just a synonym for self-expression and expression is just a synonym for that which comes outward from within.  Let us stop then from seeing limitations in any direction.  Let us cease from the senseless effort to get things, and begin to act like gods instead of robots.  Let us begin to see what we can give; our abilities, our skills, our talents ... and start the limitless wells of refreshment within our own souls to flowing outward.  This takes discipline ... this is using the Science of Mind effectively in our lives.

   The principles of life that the Master Mind Jesus taught were not limited to any particular group or congregation.  Jesus never organized any church, nor authorized any church or religion.  His teachings were to the individual and the individual alone.  "I and the Father are One" ... He stated ... and "these things I do and greater things still shall you do" ...  when we can make the same statements with unflinching faith in knowing that it is so ... we too will know that Heaven is where I am.  

And So It Is!  

Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Rev. Bates

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