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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for April 2, 2017
            Dr. Ernest Holmes, the Founder of Religious Science, made the statement that whatever it is that we think about 51% of the time ... we manifest in our experience.  Even though many sincere people pray or do treatment daily, until and unless our predominant thoughts are in alignment with our goals, nothing happens.  I know many people who have studied Religious Science and attended church services for years, who continue to be at a stand-still with the things in their lives that they want to accomplish.  I also receive message after message from people who have studied the Bible and define themselves as Christian, who are still struggling with conditions and situations in their lives... and I receive messages from people who have pretty much rejected God and religion .. and are at a stand still in their lives.  In other words, it really has little to do with our religious practices but more to do with understanding how Life works.  Life works from "within to without" or as the scripture reads in the book of Proverbs:  " For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he .."

          LIFE IS AFFIRMATION ... when we are sick we desire health for health is Life Itself ... when we are sad or discouraged we want harmony and joy for these too, are Life Itself.   I firmly believe that everything happens in its right and perfect time and we have everything we need to have in the right and perfect time ... money, knowledge, cooperation, whatever it is.  But ... many of us can often find ourselves dealing with frustration, depression and even sometimes, anger, because we allow ourselves to become separate and apart from our Good .. God.  We do this by forgetting that LIFE IS AFFIRMATION.  Oh yes, we will tell our friends and others that everything is good and all is well, but in the house that we dwell (our thoughts) we are feeling the sting of disappointment and impatience ... and we forget to remain in a state of mind that is affirmative.  As we move in mind from the affirmative we delay or deny our Good ... the Good Is available ... we just cannot manifest it.

         I have often stated that the "Science Of Mind," the philosophy taught by Religious Science, could even be more appropriately titled "Disciplining The Mind," for in truth that is what we must do ... we must discipline and train the mind to "think affirmatively" at all times, so that affirmation becomes our predominant thought.  Now, this does not mean that we are affirming something that is not true ... or that I am telling you that we must all become a bunch of senseless Pollyannas who do not face the facts before us.  What I am teaching is that when we speak and think in the affirmative, we are speaking and thinking from the "results" of what we desire ... or as some metaphysical students would say, "from the demonstration" ... our Good results or demonstration Is already Present in the Great Invisible.  As the Master Mind Jesus taught, "ask knowing that it Is" ... because that is the Truth.

       As we go through our day, we must keep uppermost in mind that the words that we use and the thoughts that we think are all working in the Invisible Law Of Attraction ... we must train our thoughts and discipline our mind to affirm the Good ... to speak affirmatively knowing that It Is.  Our willingness to find the right words in any given situation that are affirmative strengthens our prayers or treatments and this firm-ness in staying the course moves us ever-closer to bringing the Invisible into the Visible ... keep uppermost in mind, "there is nothing to heal, only God (Good) to be revealed."  AFFIRMATION REVEALS THE GOOD!  Don't look back ... look within.

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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