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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (April 3, 2005)         

         From Dr. Ernest Holmes referencing "From The Teaching Of Jesus":  If we wish to come to the Spirit for the healing of our wounds, let us come in peace and with spontaneous joy, for the Spirit is joy..."  <The Science of Mind, pg. 447>

          We should realize that there is a great "joy" in knowing that as we turn to Infinite Spirit, we are revealing the Good in the condition or situation that we are confronted with.  Our prayers give us back all the confidence, faith and joy that we put into them.  Prayer and the state of mind of the one praying are the same.  It is the Invisible Power within us; faith, hope, love ... that aligns our prayer with the Infinite Power and Presence of God.  Faith, hope and love can fill our consciousness ... if we take the time to connect with the Source of all faith, hope and love, God.

         In the Book of Job, it is written, "that which I have greatly feared has come upon me" ... his faith was in the morbid or the negative.  Job could have just as easily stated, "that which I have greatly loved has come upon me" ... had his thoughts and meditations been filled with faith and hope in the Good.

        Our thoughts and words carry just magnificent power.  Even when we think we are powerless ... we are powerful.  Not one word passes through our lips that does not give power to something that is unfolding in our experience ... the same is true of our thoughts.  It would be impossible to monitor our every word and every thought ... but ... we can discipline ourselves to correct our words and our thoughts fairly easily.  As we begin and end each day it is highly beneficial that we meditate upon the Good things that we have ... the Good things that we want to have and experience ... and God.  As we take the time to meditate on these things, we begin to identify with the reality of them.  As we become comfortable in meditating on them ... we begin to feel them as a part of us.  And, when we begin to feel that the Good we desire is a part of us ... the Good begins to unfold in our experiences.  The more of the Truth that we expose our mind to ... the more of Truth will become resident in our consciousness ... and it is the Truth, as the Radical Rabbi Jesus stated, that will set us free from our troubles.  We must know the Truth ... but we must also permeate our consciousness with the Truth ... for there will be times for all of us when our reliance on the Truth may be the very thing that is necessary to move us through some condition or situation in our life.  It is written that Brahma (Brahma being the name of the Creator in Hinduism), was asked what was the cause of the world's troubles ... and Brahma stated it was ignorance of the Truth ... teach the Truth, He said, and you will teach people to be free.  This was recorded 5,000 years B.C.

         And so what is the Truth?  The Truth is always an affirmation of Love and Life ... affirming the Good is affirming the Presence of God in All things.  I drove by a church this week and read on their signboard, "Don't condone what God has condemned."  God does not condemn ... man condemns ... religion condemns ... but God does not.  In scripture we can read, "He knows no iniquities" and the Master Mind Jesus stated, "judge not lest ye be judged."  So, how can a church state that God condemns something?  A god that condemns is a god made in the image of man ... this is abhorrent to the Truth.  But let's not get side-tracked by false beliefs or we may lose sight of our spontaneous joy.

        Every legitimate religion states, "Our Father" but not all teach that God Is All.  God is not subject to the dogma of religion ... but is Present the same yesterday, today and tomorrow for All.  It would be superstitious to believe otherwise.   This is the highest Truth and the Truth that sets us free.  We cannot judge others and enter into the nature of God with spontaneous Joy ... this would be impossible.  "A double-minded man/woman is unstable in all their ways" ... this is written in scripture.  It is the same lesson that was given to us by the Master Mind Jesus when He stated that "when you see me, you see the Father."  In other words, when we judge other people ... we are not seeing the Father within them ... and so we are out of sync with the Principle of Life which is always affirming the Good.    

Jesus stated, "let not your heart be troubled" ... and we must hold steadfast to this ideal ... for a troubled heart cannot reach the Divine Joy within ... which is God ... and as we still our minds, erase all judgment against others and especially ourselves ... we can then approach God with spontaneous Joy knowing that the nature of God is "response" ... and in this realization, we know that our prayer is answered.  "Know that it is, and it will be done unto you as you believe," the Radical Jesus told us ... and in this knowing erupts spontaneous Joy from within our hearts, minds and souls.

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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St. Francis of Assisi