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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for April 3, 2011 

              "... the miracle of abundance is not the multiplication of loaves of bread, nor the specific filling of a cruse of oil, not the drawing in of a mammoth catch of fish. The miracle is the all-sufficiency and ever-availability of Infinite substance.  This was Jesus' great idea:  that the Kingdom of Heaven is an opulent kingdom of substance, of creative ideas.  And the supply to meet our demands is right where we are - and what we need.
              In the story of the miraculous feeding, Jesus told the people to sit down and then He "looked up to heaven and gave thanks."  Right away we might find ourselves "straining out the gnat," for we return to the old concept that heaven is somewhere "out there."  It would seem that Jesus was looking up into the skies and saying, "God, you have abundance up there.  We need some of it down here."  But that isn't what is implied at all.  He looked away from the appearance of lack and emptiness, from the human feeling that "you cannot possibly feed all these people with one boy's lunch."  He closed His eyes to the lack and opened His spiritual eyes to abundance.
             There is no absence of God in the Universe, and there is no shortage of God.  The only lack in life is the thought of lack.  You are always as rich as you think you are, and the only poverty is of the spirit."
- Eric Butterworth, Discover the Power Within You
     So often people look for something supernatural to happen in their lives to solve their problems; even looking to God to do something supernatural that defies the Law of the Spirit.  And there are even people who lose their faith in G-d when this doesn't happen.  But, G-d can only do for us, what G-d can do through us; through our thoughts and beliefs.  As Eric Butterworth writes, "There is no supernatural; there is only God's great natural."  And this great natural is Mind in action; the Mind of G-d flowing through our mind.

     Too often we are so focused on the "effects" that we fail to consciously realize that power is not in effects, but in the mind that recognizes them.  Our feelings are much stronger when we look at lack and limitation when we don't know that these are just effects that are temporary, but as we realize the temporary nature of all things, our mind becomes at ease.  We don't change effects, we change our consciousness and in this change in consciousness, change is effected.  A simple way to look at this is to realize that we can pray over a bank statement with a negative balance all day long and the negative balance appearing on the statement will not change ... but, as we shift our consciousness to a greater awareness of abundance and prosperity, a new bank statement we receive shall reflect this realization of abundance.  And in this realization, we can know that we can choose what we recognize and consciously dwell on that which we desire to experience and not let our mind be impressed by the appearances that we don't want.

     More and more people are learning that they can use this power of the mind, or as the radical Jesus stated,
"it is done unto you as you believe" ... and so we have learned that if we foster and nurture within our mind new beliefs, amazing and wonderful things become part of our experience.  The miracle of abundance that the Master Mind Jesus demonstrated must work through our consciousness.  It can work no other way.  Our abundance or prosperity may come to us in various ways or from various people, but it is always coming to us from a demand that we have made in consciousness that it do so.

     Thomas Troward, who was a master of metaphysics, stated that we must
"stir up the spirit within us."  And, we can't stir up the spirit of opulence and abundance while our mind is busied with the appearances of lack and debt.  We can transcend these appearances only by looking to the good, in our mind, that we choose to experience instead.  "In actual practice," Troward wrote, "we must first form the ideal conception of our object with the definite intention of impressing the universal mind (G-d) - it is this intention which takes such thought out of the region of mere causal fancies (wishful thinking) - and then affirm that our knowledge of the Law (done according to our beliefs) is sufficient reason for a calm expectation of a corresponding result, and that therefore all necessary conditions will come to us in due order."  Troward discovered this, demonstrated this, and taught it effectively beginning in 1904.  He was merely putting into practice the same Law of Mind (G-d) that the radical Jesus demonstrated.

     We each can begin to experience that which we desire to experience if we are willing to use our mind rather than rely on the things of the world.  The Spirit is not moved by our level of education, the country in which we live, our past experience, or nationality, or whatever ... the Spirit is only seeking to move through our faith to form the substance into the things we hope for ... for us to enjoy, for us to share, and for us to feel the Presence of the Divine as we transcend the appearances of that which we no longer desire to experience.

Let us be grateful, right now, as we know that our G-d is Good, always and forever ... as It shines Its ever-lasting Light of Love upon us and into our experiences of Life.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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