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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for April 3, 2016

         The American Mystic Ernest Holmes wrote that "we have made a riddle out of simplicity" and this is never more true than when we examine spiritual principles.  Every powerful spiritual principle is so simple that even a child can make use of them and we can go even further to state that a child may even be more successful in their use of them because they have not learned to question their simplicity.  Ernest Holmes tells us that "to return to a sane simplicity is one of the first and most important things to do."  And in this I fully agree with him.

          So many of us have spent countless hours and spent so much money trying to understand spiritual principles because we have believed that if it is so simple, then it must be too good to be true.  Nothing is too good to be true is the truth.  I remember reading many years ago the book, "How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World" by Harry Browne.  I didn't get much further than the first two chapters when I realized that the only "unfree world" is a creation of our own thoughts and beliefs about life.  Freedom isn't complicated.  It is simple.  But most of us will not make the decisions necessary to live in freedom because we have allowed the idea of an "unfree world" to become impressed upon us to the degree that we believe it is the truth.  We have done the same with the concepts of spiritual principles.  We have believed that we don't have a strong enough faith or we believe somehow we are lacking in our understanding.  And, these things are true for us if we believe them to be so; not the truth, but true enough that they bring a certain level of misery into our life experience.

       Dr. Joseph Murphy, one of the great teachers, authors and healers of the 20th Century, gave us this suggestion to effect healing of whatever it is that we believe requires healing in our life:  "The first step in healing is not to be afraid of the manifest condition -- from this very moment. The second step is to realize that the condition is only the product of past thinking, which will have no more power to continue its existence. The third step is mentally to exalt the miraculous healing power of God within you."  This is written as simply as possible, but there is something more we can add to it; something simple, yet powerful.  I will explain with the following testimonial sent to me by someone who is a Subscriber to these Weekly Messages.

         He wrote the following:  "I had always had an uncanny ability to write out what it is that I wanted to receive and I would receive it in the right timing.  However, I began to see a significant delay in receiving that which I was accepting and expecting for myself.  I sent you a message asking what you would suggest that I do to resolve this delaying action.  Your response to me was the suggestion that I begin to use my imagination which is part of the nature of God incarnated within mankind.  You further suggested that I follow the three steps of healing given to us by the great Dr. Joseph Murphy but to modify the third step by adding one simple change to it.  This is how I merged your suggestion with the steps of healing from Dr. Murphy.  First, I reminded myself that fear has no place in my consciousness; no fear of the condition, no fear of failure and no fear of the future.  Second, I accepted that the condition or circumstance was the product of past thinking and that these thoughts were now just so much dead energy with no power to sustain them.  Third, I mentally exalted the miraculous healing power, intelligence and spirit of God within me.  And to impress my consciousness with that which I chose to accept for myself, I looked up and away from the material world, held a steady gaze until my mind was perfectly still and then I used my divine imagination to see things mentally the way in which I desired them to be rather than the way in which they were made manifest.  I used this suggestion of yours combined with the three steps of healing from Dr. Murphy for money, for a new and better quality car and to move through a health issue, all successfully without delay."

         There is nothing unusual about this testimonial or miraculous.  It is the result of realizing that the simplicity inherent within the universe is omnipresent in all things everywhere.   We just must meet it where it is ... mentally, emotionally ... and know in Spirit, what one can do, all can do.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes


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