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Weekly Message To The Masses (April 4, 2004)         

          I woke up this morning with the sun out shining in
I found my mind in a brown paper bag but then
I tripped on a cloud and fell eight miles high
I tore my mind on a jagged sky
I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

I pushed my soul in a deep dark hole and then I followed in
I watched myself crawling out now, as I came crawling in
I got up so tight I couldn't unwind
I saw so much, I broke my mind
I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

Somebody painted April fool in big black letters on a dead end sign
I had my foot on the gas as I left the road and blew out my mind
Eight miles out of Memphis and I got no spare
Eight miles straight up downtown somewhere
I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in
             Lyrics from:  Nick Cave & The Badseeds - I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
          If you are old enough to remember these lyrics, then you have probably experienced situations and conditions in Life that troubled your mind.  We are in the age where "mind-altering" drugs are advertised and used in greater measure than ever before in history.  The lyrics of the song above "appear" to be written from an "altered state" but of course, I don't know that for sure.  Drug use in the 60s was much publicized by the media and even became part of the films and music that we watched and listened to.  Many used "illegal" drugs for the experience of it ... to get "high" ... to transcend the conditions in their world.

        Here we are in 2004, and many people turn to "drugs" both prescription and otherwise, in order to "ease" their minds ... to lessen the tension and anxiety that they are experiencing.  Prozac has become a household word as has the names of many similar drugs.  These drugs are not taken to get "high" ... for the experience, but to cope with life.  As with so many things that people turn to for relief or to create more "ease" in their life, these drugs are limited in their effects ... because the "cause" is not physical ... it is spiritual.

         Many people would never consider the idea that the "cause" of everything that we experience is "spiritual" ... and that in Truth ... every dis-cord ... every dis-ease of the mind ... is related to the Spirit ... not the physical.  Too many of us automatically think that the "cure" can be affected with a pill ... a drug.  And no I am not saying that we must cease to use drugs ... what I am saying is that we must "work" to be healed.  And healing is the business of God ... not doctors or the pharmaceutical companies.  If we have a headache ... take an aspirin ... but if we want to avoid future headaches ... turn to God.  God Is Love ... Love heals and nothing else can ... never could and never will ... God and God alone Is the healing Power and Presence that we must incorporate into our daily living in order to eliminate discord and dis-ease from our lives.

       Many studies have been done regarding the benefits of prayer and meditation and the results have all confirmed that both are necessary to our mental and physical health.  If we do not stay "prayed-up" to use a vintage term ... we are subject to continuing physical and mental problems.  Prayer and meditation remove us from the conditions of the world ... and the problems in our lives ... and brings us into the realm of spiritual wholeness ... but ... there is work to be done because for most of us it takes effort to begin a consistent daily spiritual practice.  As a minister, I come across people every day who have not prayed or practiced any form of meditation ... and each of them have issues in their lives that are problematic or discordant.  And even when I suggest that they begin a spiritual practice of sitting in the Silence 10-15 minutes each day ... they don't do it ... they want a "quick fix."  Just like the people who continue to take the pills or the drugs.  Why?  Because we have been so brainwashed by the medical and pharmaceutical industries that we have forgotten the healing Power of God.  To many people testimonials of healing are just coincidences ... or they believe that it only happens for a few people.  And then there are those who just truly do not have any real faith in the healing Power of God.

In Religious Science, unlike Christian Science, we believe that God works through all channels to heal; drugs, doctors, psychologists, etc. ... but just because we get "relief" from these things does not mean that they are to be a permanent part of our lives ... or that we can always depend on them when we have reoccurrences of the same problems.  We cannot make gods of drugs, doctors etc. ... "I, I Am the Lord, thou shalt have no gods but me."  In other words ... God, Infinite Presence ... is where we will find our healing ... our permanent healing.  As we begin a daily spiritual practice ... and stay with it .. we too, will be able to look back at the conditions in our lives and realize that all we ever needed was God ... Infinite Presence ... Infinite Love .... no matter what condition our condition was in.

 And So It Is! 

Maximum Love,
Rev. Hank Bates

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