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Weekly Message for Sunday, April 6, 2003

                     From Dr. Robert H. Bitzer "Collected Essays" page 19:  "No matter what you are attempting to do, always get the vision before you begin to work.  See the completed demonstration.  If you are buying a house, think of it as completely furnished and completely paid for.  Even though you may take out a mortgage on it, treat (affirm) that it is completely paid for."

           "Collected Essays" page 20: 
"As for money.  I have never worked for money.  I depend upon Divine Principle.  I have never experienced lack, because I know the Source of my supply.  I never depend upon the channel but only on the Source.  I am open to all avenues through which my good comes.  I thank everyone who is an instrument and show my appreciation, because no one has to be a part of my demonstration.  However, the Source blesses and prospers everyone that It uses.  Understanding this law, we are never imposed upon, nor can we impose upon someone else.  Bless everyone through whom your good comes."

Dr. Robert Bitzer demonstrated Principle consistently and we can too.  We can demonstrate health, happiness, prosperity, success and loving companionship.  But God can only do for us, what God can do through us.  This is the key to demonstrating greater good in our lives.  God cannot demonstrate health when our minds are consumed with sickness.  Nor can God demonstrate wealth to anyone who is focused on what they don't have.  So, our work then is to clear our minds of the stress that "hangs on" to our miseries.

            We must relax our minds and relax our bodies and as we do we can become channels for the Infinite Impulse of creative ideas, energy and strength.  The strength that we seek is self-confidence and self-assurance.  Confident in our ability to "let" God use us for Good.  The ideas that flow through our mind in this relaxed state can move the mountains of doubt, worry and fear that block our Good.

          Take the time to sit down ... and laugh ... really laugh ... laugh out-LOUD .. LAUGH until you feel a release of tension in your mind ... LAUGH until you feel the stress leave your body ... LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH!!!  DON'T THINK ... JUST LAUGH!  Once you have released the tension and stress ... sit and GET THE VISION of what you want to accomplish



 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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