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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (April 9, 2006)      

       "To find yourself.  Think for yourself" - Socrates

In the Bible, we can read that the Radical Jesus used parables to teach profound, changeless Principles of Life.  So, it is not to be unexpected that many of the writers who wrote about Him, also created a more colorful and exaggerated story in which to make their points.  And there are hundreds of stories written about the Radical One ... and just recently another one was found related to Judas.  The details of these stories are not important ... the Truth that they attempt to illustrate is of utmost importance ... and I will make my best attempt to bring that out in this message.

     Jesus had created quite a stir up to the time of Palm Sunday.  His teachings were antagonistic to the rituals, dogmas and traditions of religion and to those in power.  He had been cleverly evading the authorities, but, He made the decision to come out in public.  This created a great fear amongst His followers ... but He did it anyway ... and the way in which He did ... further antagonized those who already thought Him vile and blasphemous and had been building a "conspiracy" against Him for at least three years.

The Old Testament prophet, Zechariah, had foretold the arrival of the Messianic king in Jerusalem riding an ass (donkey).  The crowd hailed Jesus as the "son of David" which only infuriated the priestly establishment more.  Not only were the scribes, elders and chief priests out to get Him ... but the politicians were as well.  And as we know after the Passover Seder [Last Supper] ... He was crucified [more on this next week].

    No matter what our religious/spiritual beliefs, the Radical Jesus' actions during this time serve as a great example for all of us.  Understanding His Divine Unity with God, Infinite Spirit, Jesus made courageous decisions and did not back down.  When He stated that the "Father and I are One" ... He knew that God is always with us ... always the "life" of us ... and that there is no power on earth that is greater than the Omnipotence of God ... "in God" is All Power.  "In Him, we live and move and have our Being" ... the Master Mind Jesus knew this as Absolute Truth.

    Most of us have had experiences that called us to greater courage ... to think independently of others ... and to stand up for something, even when we knew that we would face the antagonism and anger of others.  Dr. O. C. Smith impressed upon His followers that "fear is the child of an undeveloped consciousness."  And perhaps most of us have a great deal of work to do in consciousness before we have the courage of Jesus ... but, we will never know how powerful we are, until we begin to develop our consciousness free of fear and manipulation.  Just like the religious and political leaders of Jesus' time, there will always be those who attempt to bind us to fear ... to manipulate our feelings and desires to be loved and accepted ... but this is just another way of attempting to crucify the Divine within us.  And for some of us these are the very people that we love; family, friends, business associates.  It takes great courage to confront those we love ... but, an undeveloped consciousness will never attempt to.  And instead, will enable behaviors that are antagonist to that which is right and just.

    The Radical Jesus' great courage wasn't in His actions ... it was "activated" in the decision to stand for the Truth ... for God ... and for the Good.  And this great courage is within you and me.

And So It Is!  

Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Rev. Bates

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