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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for April 12, 2009 

                      "That which seems death to us is really resurrection to the one who passes from this experience into the next. The principle of evolution has no backward glances; it gathers the experiences of the past and pushes these experiences into the future. . . .[Life’s] spiral is ever upward and onward, it never retraces its steps. This is the glorious conception which we may have this Easter season when we commemorate the fidelity of one man to his idea of life, which was so complete that he demonstrated to his followers the indestructible reality of his own soul."  - Ernest Holmes, A Holmes Reader for All Seasons

          On this Easter in the Year 2009, let us remind ourselves that this Life which is G-d, indwells us, presses against us, surrounds us and permeates all things ... It Is All-In-All.  The mystical Jesus was convinced of this.  He said, "I am the resurrection and the life."  No one could say it for him and make these words as powerful, for the Power of G-d that man/woman uses is inherent in the words, "I am" ... and this Power is within each of us.  And this is the greatest revelation that the Master Mind Jesus discovered and shared with us ... that there is a Power in the Universe and we can use It.

     The paradox of our relationship with G-d, Infinite Spirit, is that we "use" the Power of G-d, yet in Reality, G-d is using us to express Itself through us and as us.  We understand this as we come into the realization that G-d Is Mind, Spirit.  We are all using Mind.  It is the Source of our every idea, our thoughts, our imagination, and our every desire.  It is All-Knowing, Infinite Intelligence.  The Master Mind Jesus realized this fully and accepted it on all levels of his mind.   "I of mine own self can do nothing" Jesus reminded us.  Understanding these words we can tap into the Power that resurrects the Good in everything in our life.  We can declare our dreams and desires into our reality, but we must be consistent and persistent and know what we want to manifest without doubting.

     Although Jesus' demonstration of the All-Power of G-d has inspired us for centuries, G-d is not limited in Its ability and willingness to respond to our faith.  "I will return to you the years the locusts have eaten," we can read in the scriptures.  In other words, not only can our life be renewed and transformed by the Power of G-d, but we will never lose anything in the process.  Let us never forget that what seems impossible and possibly beyond our imagination, is possible for the All-Knowing Intelligence that is G-d.

    Too often we have allowed ourselves to be so impressed with the crucifixion, that we lose sight of the Truth ... that G-d is our life and there is no Power that can destroy Life.  There is no power that can destroy our finances, our relationships, our health or our success when we turn to G-d, Infinite Good.  There is only One Power, that Power is G-d and that Power works always for our Good in all things.  We must constantly remind ourselves of this ... or the world will take this Truth away from us ... just as it attempted to do so by crucifying Jesus.  But, his consciousness of his One-ness with G-d was so superior to anything "of the world" ... that his resurrection was unobstructed.

     There are those who do not accept the traditional story of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, and perhaps they are correct.  But, we do know that this story would not have endured the centuries without something to sustain it ... and that something has to be the Spirit of Truth.  I believe that the Truth that is demonstrated in the Easter story is the reason it has been sustained.  The Master Mind Jesus used parables to teach the profound Truths that he wanted to share with us, and perhaps the Easter story is the greatest parable of all.  And perhaps the world is not ready for a greater revelation and so we must work with the one we can understand.

Just as Jesus healed the man with the withered arm by seeing only perfection and wholeness, we must see beyond the crucifixion and see the perfect and the whole ... the resurrection.  Leave the focus on the crucifixion to those "of the world" ... and let those who have eyes to see ... see the Glory of G-d as the "I am ... the Resurrection and the Life."  For this is the Truth that never changes and the Truth that sets us free.  This is the Higher Ideal that Jesus was seeking to impart to the world.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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