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Weekly Message for Sunday, April 13, 2003

                     "Every time I turn around God is blessing me."  I have said this many, many times without understanding that the statement is only a half-truth.  And many people use this statement looking to God outside of themselves to do something or to intervene in their lives in some way.  I know that God is always blessing me ... but God cannot do for me what God cannot do through me.

Faith moves mountains but at the same time we know that spiritual understanding prevents us from having mountains to move.  Without understanding we may create much in our lives that is unnecessary, challenging and the cause of our struggles.  This wonderful statement, "every time I turn around God is blessing me," has many times moved me to be more positive and expectant of happier times, but ... it does not go far enough.  God is always blessing me ... this I know to be the Truth ...  however, I don't always have the awareness that this is so ... and in this lack of awareness ... I am stuck right where I am with whatever it is that I am going through.  Now, I am not saying that this statement does not make me feel good ... it does ... but it is not Scientific enough to "loose" whatever it is that is in my consciousness that is causing me to experience something less than enthusiasm for life.

          As I change this statement to be more Scientific, I can use it in a more effective way.  I can realize that my "use" of the dominion and authority that I already have, is misguided and not definite enough.  As I use my words to affirm the Truth that I know, using the Power of the "I AM" within me, then I can begin to see the unfolding of the Good that I seek.  This does not mean that I will no longer have negative thoughts ... but I can use self-discipline to bring myself back into alignment with my Good by insuring that my "spoken word" does not deny my Good.  The Great Dr. O. C. Smith taught that we are to "put our consciousness on surveillance."  In other words, we must be conscious of the words that we use ... the tendency of our thoughts ... and we must "correct" these things in our consciousness that do not "speak" to the Good that we must know is manifesting.  "I AM" not blessing me if my words are the language of limitation and defeat ... words that give power or worst yet, blame to something outside of myself.  God cannot bless me if I am steadfast and immovable in my use of words and ideas that defeat my success and happiness.

         The Great I AM that Is within each of us, is powerful.  It is our authority and dominion over our lives.  When we "use" this authority and dominion consistently and persistently, all manner of things will begin to change in our lives.  Now, the world may call it "ego" but the world believes in defeat, failure, and its own set of rules and regulations ... most of which have nothing to do with knowing that "there is a Power within me," as Jesus stated for all of us.  This Power, this Great I AM, awaits are recognition of It, our affirmation that "IT IS."  We affirm that "IT IS" with our spoken word ... "Every time I turn around, I AM blessing me!"


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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