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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (April 16, 2006)      

       "I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you." - the Master Mind Jesus

There is a difference between a belief in God and a feeling that we are in the Divine Presence.  It is this difference which is the dividing line between entering into the Spirit and viewing It as a thing apart.  It is when we enter into the Spirit that we know God.  No one can enter in for us.  Each must make the great discovery for her/him-self." - Dr. Ernest Holmes

     The traditional mythology regarding Good Friday and Easter have been the most compelling to separate the masses of people from the Truth that the Radical Rabbi Jesus taught and demonstrated.  The myth is that He died for our sins on the cross ... willingly giving His life for us.  The truth is not far from this myth ... because in fact, what He demonstrated has even greater importance than merely erasing our sins [mistakes].  Jesus taught that the Father is Mind ... Infinite Mind ... and that we are All in It  ... in this Mind ... we are in each other since Mind is in All and through All ... Mind is "I" ... ONE ... "there is none other," states Isaiah.  Jesus understood that God Is Spirit and Life ... and Spirit connects All Life together in Mind.  And with even a greater awareness Jesus knew that "I Am" is the Power of God which Indwells All.  "I Am the Light of the world,"  He stated ... knowing that "I Am" is the Name of God ... and this is the Light [Intelligence] within us.

Knowing that "I and the Father are One" ... the Radical Jesus did not fear those who sought to destroy Him.  He knew that life on this planet is short ... but Life, the true Life within each of us ... the In-dwelling Spirit ... is eternal.  And He also knew that unless we lived the Truth ... that this life was lacking in fulfillment and purpose.  I believe that Jesus purposely followed the prophecies of Bible scripture to convince the people that He was the Messiah that the Jewish people were waiting for ... and those that believed He was were disappointed in the end ... and those who believed He was not were also disappointed in the end.  For in Truth the crucifixion and subsequent resurrection ... made Jesus more important to History than a Messiah for the Jewish people would ever have been.   No one can dispute this.  For whether we believe in the reality of the death and resurrection of Jesus ... we cannot dispute the impact that His life has had on the world.  His was the Absolute Teaching of Truth ... pure metaphysics.

     But ... then ... the "world" destroyed His greatest teaching by making Him a "human sacrifice" to God for the sins of mankind.  And those who profess to love Him the most are the very ones who have distorted His teaching of Truth to the level of voodoo and have created a religion that gives sin, the mythical devil and death power ... power that is God's.  The people who believe that Jesus ... rather than the physical form in which He inhabited ... was crucified ... continue to destroy His teachings through lack of understanding and love.  As did those who called for Jesus to be crucified.

    We can wear our crosses, hang them on the wall ... walk the stations of the cross on Good Friday ... genuflect to statues of Jesus ... all this and more but until we understand what He was teaching most of this will always be in vain.  There is no heaven to win or hell to fear ... the effects of both are evident in the world that we live in.  The Master Mind Jesus taught that the "kingdom of heaven is within" ... and He assumed we were intelligent enough to realize that the only place where hell can be experienced is "within" as well.  Our heavens and hells are consequences of our "choices."

     God has no will for us except but perhaps to "choose."  And this we do in our mind.  And to make good choices we must connect with God ... and this we do in our mind.  There is only Mind ... we are in It and It is in us ... as Jesus stated so clearly.  The greatest and most loving tribute we can ever make to this Master Teacher, Great Example, Way Shower, Savior ... is to follow His teaching.  To "believe as I do" ... He stated ... "believe" that we are One ... that there is only God ... and that "I and the Father are One."  And as we believe as He did ... we too can overcome ... maybe not to the level that He did ... but we will overcome all that we are "called" to overcome.   "I Am the resurrection and the Life" ... I AM Is God ... within Jesus and within you and me.

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love,
Rev. Bates

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