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Weekly Message To The Masses (April 18, 2004)         

           General Boykin, an American general told a church group in June, "I knew my God was bigger than their God" ... referring to the god of the Muslims.

          The general sounds a lot like Ann Coulter, a fellow religious conservative who said on September 13, 2001, "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."

"Our movement is stronger today than it was a week ago," said Ibrahim al-Janabi, a senior al-Sadr aide. "But most important of all is that God is on our side," he said Friday after prayers in Sadr City, the movement's Baghdad stronghold.

         There is more confusion today about God than almost any time in history.  The conservative Christians have actually put "Jesus in jeopardy" of being the most misunderstood of all the religious figures in history.  Buddha, Krishna ... neither of these mystics have had their teachings so distorted and manipulated as the teachings of Jesus.  Spiritual seekers have studied the Torah for centuries ... and still have realized that there is even more to know ... the same is true of students of the teachings of the Buddha and Krishna ... the zealous fundamentalist Christians believe their "extremely limited" understanding of the teachings of Jesus give them the right to coerce and force others to follow their "confused" rules of religion.  It was this same confused religious zeal that "made" Jesus into God rather than the Great Example.  If Jesus is God ... then we don't have to follow His "Example" of Love and Forgiveness ... after all, how can "sinners" be expected to have the faith of God ... but that is exactly what Jesus called us to do ... to have the "faith of God" not a "faith in God."  The world as we know it today is mirroring back to Its inhabitants our "faith in God" ... and it is a sad state of affairs we have ourselves in ... and I don't mean the war in Iraq ... I am referring to the fact that now more  than ever people are using the name of Jesus, the word Christian and the word God ... in the most abusive and ungodly manner ... Ann Coulter's statement is an "abomination" of such magnitude that there is no greater example of "abomination" to be found in the Holy Bible ... her understanding of Jesus and Christianity is gross and ignorant ... General Boykin, as ridiculous as his statement is ... is but a foolish braggart in comparison.

        And what about the statement above from the Muslim? ... it is but a "mirror" of what people like General Boykin and Ann Coulter are giving to the Universe ... the Universe will always "mirror" back to us what we give It ... the General and Ms. Coulter have both forgotten the basic teaching of Jesus ... "sowing and reaping" ... "cause and effect" ... what we sow ... we reap ... their ignorance of the Universal Change-less Law of Sowing and Reaping is mirroring back to them ... "God is on our Side" ... in each of these examples that is utter nonsense!

       God Is on our Side ... when we align ourselves with the Nature of God ... with the Universal Principle of Love ... when we sow Peace, Joy, Understanding and Hope ... then ... and only then will we "reap" Peace, Joy, Understanding and Hope.  It is a pathetic world in which we use the name of God or Jesus or Christianity ... to utter the un-godly ... to believe that we can sow hatred, murder and invasion ... and not reap the same in return is to deny the very Principle that Jesus' entire Life on this planet stood for!  We cannot "escape the Law of Cause and Effect (sowing and reaping) anymore than we can win a fight with gravity ... or a battle with the rotation of the Earth!  This level of ignorance continues to keep Peace at a distance ... and to many ... a hopeless ideal.

      God Is on the Side of those who want the same for their enemy as they want for themselves .... the Master Mind Jesus said "pray for your enemies" ... knowing that if we did not our wars would never end!  God is on the Side of those who respect the God of those who may find Him on a different path than we ourselves are on ... thank God ... Jesus was not a modern-day conservative Christian ... and in truth Jesus was not Christian at all ... He was Jewish ... and Buddha was not a Buddhist ... Krishna was not a Hindu and Mohammed was not a Mohammedan ... they were all messengers ... mystics who chose to deliver the message of a God so Infinitely Loving ... so Infinitely Present ... so Infinitely Powerful ... that if we turn to Him ... rather than the way of war ... rather than the way of history ... we will finally experience the Peace that we seek ... Christian, Buddhist, Jew, Mohammedan, Hindu, Muslim ... Religious Science ... whatever religion we identify with ... it makes no difference ... when Love Is in our Hearts ... God Is on Our Side!

 And So It Is! 

Maximum Love,
Rev. Hank Bates

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