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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates 
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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for April 18, 2010 

                   This week I begin a 6-week prosperity series of lessons that will give each of us an opportunity to "discover" the way in which we can increase our measure of prosperity and financial ease.  I will present these lessons via the web site text messages, on the Sunday morning radio program and on the 6-Wednesday evening radio programs.  The first step to realizing greater prosperity is "commitment to prosperity" and so to "activate" our commitment to prosperity, I am suggesting that after each lesson, everyone is to send $1 to Rev. Bates at P. O. Box 1173, Palm Springs, CA  92263 ... I will also accept non-U.S. currency ... write on the outside of the envelope "#1" ... and then "#2", etc.  for the 6-weeks of commitment to prosperity as we gain a "conviction" that we can experience a more prosperous life, now. - Rev Bates

     "Centuries ago the Psalmist caught a Divine Inspiration and began to think about God as the Good Shepherd.  As he did so, a great wave of peace flowed through his whole being, a feeling of trust and confidence, and his soul began to sing within him.  ... Of all the inspired writings of the ages none is more beautiful than the Twenty-third Psalm, none more filled with quiet contentment and complete assurance, none more replete with the comfort and consolation of the thought that we are not left alone to buffet our way through life, here or hereafter. .... The Lord is My Shepherd; I shall not want."
- Ernest Holmes, Living The Science Of Mind

As Dr. Holmes points out, the spiritual principles that lead us to a better and more prosperous life, were revealed centuries ago.  "The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want," activates the spiritual Law of Attraction, that begins to fill the voids created by doubt and worry and brings us into alignment with the Infinite, and the infinite Good that is available to all of us.  Too much has been written about over-coming our problems and our thoughts of lack and limitation, when all that is necessary is that we embrace in our mind a higher thought.  We were not created in lack or limitation, no matter what the conditions around us may appear to be.  Even in the worst of times and the worst of circumstances, wealth and prosperity exists and is being constantly increased.  Even in these seeming hard economic times when the television, radio, and newsprint Media keep announcing financial lack and limitation ... millions of people are getting richer and more prosperous every day.

So, we go back to the Psalmist affirmation, ".... I shall not want."  But, first we must know in our mind, what it is that we want.  What is it that we want so much, that we are willing to give it the energy and the attention to attract it to us like a magnet?  Are we willing to "distance" ourselves from the past in our mind and from the things that trouble us, and let our mind be filled with something wonderful and new?  These are the things that we must do in our mind in order to activate this principle that is so very receptive to our thoughts and the images we hold in our mind.  Are we letting in images that disturb our mind or thoughts that negate the good that we seek to experience?  G-d has brought us into the world and the Spirit will never desert us ... It remains with us forever.  Do we believe this? ... or would we like to believe it?  We must be honest with ourselves because we can only have a greater faith by knowing what we have faith in.  And we must all begin right where we are ... no matter what our measure of faith may be.

Dr. Holmes writes further in "Living the Science of Mind":  "Thou preparest a table before me in the Presence of Mine Enemies ...  The table of the Lord is forever spread and on it are the gifts of Life, including health, happiness, joy, and success in living.  Good can be found anywhere, if we look for it.  Abundance can spring from want, peace from confusion, and joy from unhappiness, right where we are.  The table of God is eternally spread, but, if we are too busy to come and eat, then we cannot expect to partake of the Divine Bounty."

Are we too busy to sit in the silence and accept our good from the Divine Abundance?  Are we too busy to learn how to pray effectively? ... to take the time to affirm that our good is ours now?  The world is filled with extravagant abundance, yet so many of us accept so little of it ... because we are too busy.  Too many of us are too busy to let the Spirit inspire us ... to lead us and guide us to a more abundant life experience.

Emerson said:  "You are because God is.  You live because God lives in you." Can we believe that G-d shares our "experience" of something new, something more incredible, something more wonderful and beautiful, more abundant and more exciting ... through us, as us?   Do we imagine that G-d could hold something against us? ... or not support us in all the good that we seek to do, to be, and to have, because of something we have done in the past? ... or perhaps because of our "sins"?  Does gravity cease to work for us because we make a mistake or because we "sinned"?  Do we not believe that G-d loves us more than gravity?  Do we believe that G-d "favors" some and not others? ... does it rain only on the "favored"?  We must question ourselves until we eliminate everything in our mind that denies that the gifts of G-d are ours to receive now.

     We must approach the Spirit intelligently because whether we see G-d as Law or Love, G-d is always Intelligence.  It is Intelligence that we must identify with in our prayers, our affirmations and our silent meditations.  "The Lord, that is the Intelligence that permeates the Universe, is my Shepherd ... It leads me, guides me, and inspires me ... so, I shall not want for any good thing!"


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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