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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, April 21, 2013 

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          "Yes it is true: We must make the decision for the Christ in ourselves, to follow the guidance of the Divine Light within us and make the discovery of the unity in ourselves that Jesus found in himself. Obviously this means that we must recognize the difference between "Jesus" and "Christ." Jesus was the man who discovered that Divine Level of God in man, which is "the Christ;" and the Christ is that God Level, which is inherent in every person. Remember, Paul said, "Christ in you, your hope of glory." The Christ of you is the God-Self of you. We must discover it in ourselves, even as Jesus discovered in himself. "Come and stand as I stand, and view the Infinite Reality of things from the perspective that I have achieved, and see yourself in the light of this God-Self, this Christ-Self of you, as I have seen myself in this light. Believe on me and the actual demonstration of the Divinity of man that I have made. And realize what this actually means: that you have this same potential within you. What I have done, you can do. So, join me, come here, stand with me, think with me, pray with me, analyze the technique that I have found to be effective. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me. And when you have mastered yourself, as I have mastered myself, then you will do as I have done, and even greater things than these will you do." This is paraphrasing it and putting it into the language that I believe was involved–which may be somewhat challenging to some, but think about it.
           Jesus is saying that man must know himself as the Self-Livingness of God; and that the problems of life come, like the Prodigal Son (which is the example that Jesus uses in his parable), we take our inheritance and go off into the "far-country" of living at the circumference of life, and there, we unfailingly come "to know want." So our goal is: we must turn back and, in a sense, to "confess Christ," which simply means to realize our unity with the Infinite, the Christ of our own being–to know that the God-Self of us is the Reality of us. We must believe in the "I Am Self." We must begin to act the part, to act the concept that each of us is God expressing Himself as that which we are
."  -  Eric Butterworth, A New Look At Jesus

       I am using these words written by the great Eric Butterworth not because he shaped by belief about Jesus, but because he confirms my belief about Jesus.  I came to this realization about Jesus many years ago.  I had just completed "confession" with a priest at a Catholic Church in Portland, Oregon, when I realized that instead of the priest telling me what was right about me, all he wanted to hear was what was wrong with me.  As I walked through the church to leave, I looked up at the statue of Jesus, and I knew in my heart that Jesus would never have done what I had just done.  Rather than telling us what was wrong with him, he told us, "I am the Light of the world" ... "I, and the Father are One."  He asked, "don't ye know that ye are gods?"  And in this realization, I knew that I would never go to confession again.  And I didn't, even though I remained a Catholic for several more years.

      There is a Living Spirit within each of us that is always seeking to be expressed through us.  This is why we hope, we imagine, and we pray.  This Spirit expresses through our thoughts, our imagination and through our intelligence.  As we have learned, we must commune with this Spirit intelligently, in Its nature.  Jesus gave us insight into the nature of Spirit when he said, "But the hour comes, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeks such worship of him."  Now, we know that Jesus used the word Father to describe G-d because he was talking to a male Jewish audience which would understand Father as a figure of authority and power, but the Spirit is neither male or female, but so infinite is Its Life that It is beyond our human ability to define It.  And even more beyond our human ability to grasp is the truth that G-d has infinitely individualized Itself as the life in every living thing.  This is the Living Spirit of G-d that we should celebrate and recognize in all people and all living things.  This is the Living Spirit that Jesus recognized as the Intelligence within us and omnipresent in the universe around us.

      Even though G-d remains a Great Mystery for us, the G-d in us, can be experienced to the level that we choose to experience It.  It is up to us to choose to recognize our eternal One-ness with the Spirit.  And our decision to "worship him in spirit and in truth" ... gives us a distinct identification with the personal-ness of the Spirit to us.  As Eric Butterworth points out, Jesus was teaching that we must "know" ourselves as the Self-Livingness of G-d.  For many of us our "identification" with this Self-Livingness may be to know what it is not; i.e. G-d cannot be sick, G-d cannot be poor, G-d cannot be without ideas or intelligence or energy or hope or love or joy or activity.  This identification within our mind, heart and soul, must be an "active identification."  Christians have come close to understanding this with their WWJD [what would Jesus do], but this is still far away from an identification with Infinite Spirit.  It matters little what Jesus would do because Jesus cannot "identify" the Living Spirit within us, only we can.  And looking for Jesus to do something for us is contradicting his teaching that "these things I do and greater things still shall you do" ... but we won't do anything significant if we keep looking to Jesus or Buddha or Krishna or anyone to do that thing for us that we must let G-d do through us.

       The One Supreme Power, Life, Intelligence and Spirit is within, around and through us.  Our word is the activity of this Infinite Spirit and is the law of good in our experience.  Jesus said "Our Father" which means we are all of the same Father, of the same G-d and it is time the world recognizes this truth and begins to identify with Life as Omnipresent ... present within the sinner, present within the saint, present within the beggar, present within the multi-billionaire.  Let's begin to celebrate Life ... our life and the life of everyone as in G-d and of G-d, and in doing so we worship the Father [Infinite Spirit] in spirit and in truth.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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