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Sunday, April 22, 2001

"Move into this day loving everything that you see.  See God in everything and love everything so much that the Good has no choice but to manifest before your eyes."
                        It is so easy to let life get away from us as we get caught up in the activities of daily living. Before we know it we are four months into the year and time, too, seems to have gotten away from us. How many of us are taking the time to nurture our soul, the Life of us, the Love that is God within us?

                        Too many things seem to take priority over what is truly important. It is important that we love this life we have been given to live, to love the people who are a part of our experience and most importantly, love ourselves. I don't mean become selfish and self-centered but take the time to feel good about who we are and what we are about. We can lose so much that is wonderful and beautiful in our lives by allowing the unimportant things to demand our time and steal our happiness and joy away. We allow this to happen by getting "caught up" in the ways of the world. The "world" tells us that everyone is watching a certain television show or this or that movie is a "must see," and of course there are always
sporting events that we must watch. Why do we allow a television program, a movie or a sports event to become more important than our own life? Of course, I am not saying that these can't be fun and enjoyable, but not at the expense of the things that are necessary for our own "soul?"   The "soul of us" requires attention too. It requires love and the only way it
gets it is if we take the time to "experience" it. The Power and Presence that created this wonderful, beautiful Universe we see, created it out of Love and Joy, created it in Harmony and Peace. And It loves to feel this energy of Love pulsing through our hearts and minds. So we must take the time to align ourselves with It, our God-Self, and nurture Its desire for Love. And I don't mean to read books, watch romantic situation comedies on television or to go see a romantic movie. I mean the "real thing," the experience of it, the feelings that come from fulfilling that desire within us to be loved and to love, to receive and give affection.

So, I am going to suggest to you that you turn off the television set, let the games go on without you, skip the hot movie of the week, stay home, turn the lights down low, turn on the radio to some soft music, pull the one you love into your arms, and "slow dance" to the music, allow that love within you to "feel" fully and completely expressed. Let the shadows of love dance through your heart and mind as you connect with the Love of Life, beautifully and joyfully. As you sway to the music, relax, let go of all tension and anxiety, and you will begin slow dancing with the Spirit of Life and Love within you. Simply, slow dance,
sway to the music and let God express Its Love through you. If you don't have anyone to "pull into your arms," contact me, and we will pray for the right and perfect relationship for you.

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates