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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for April 22, 2007 

           "I do not believe in the return of the soul to another life on this plane.  The spiral of life is upward.  Evolution carries us forward, not backward.  Eternal and progressive expansion is its law and there are no breaks in its continuity.  It seems to me that our evolution is the result of an unfolding consciousness of that which already is, and needs but to be realized to become a fact of everyday life.  I can believe in planes beyond this one without number, in eternal progress.  I cannot believe that nature is limited to one sphere of action. ... It is human to grieve over the loss of dear ones.  We love them and cannot help missing them, but a true realization of the immortality and continuity of the individual soul, will rob grief of hopelessness.  We shall realize that they are in God's keeping and that they are safe. - Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

        This past Monday, April 16, 2007, the tragedy in Blacksburg, Virginia, at Virginia Tech University, shocked and saddened all of us.  As the news services brought us more and more information, it was challenging not to feel a certain sense of hopelessness.  Our hearts were stirred with a desire to help those who were experiencing something that can only be described as nightmarish ... and a desire to comfort their family and friends ... and especially our empathy was moved to those who had shared in this tragic experience and survived.  A typical Monday morning for the students and faculty at Virginia Tech turned quickly into an experience that was life-changing.  And not one of us, even though we may not have been affected directly, was left unchanged by this tragedy.  Only through prayer and meditation, opening our hearts to Divine Love, could we feel that we were a comfort at all to the students and faculty of Virginia Tech and their families and friends.  And though we cannot feel their pain, we were fully aware that their pain existed.  And so we mourn with them ... but we cannot feel their grief ... we can only pray knowing that there is a Presence that does feel their grief and this Presence knows what to do to bring them comfort and hope once again.

     So much has been written this week about this tragedy.  Some want to blame ... and some want to carry shame for what happened.  Many Americans feel ashamed that this happened in our country.  But our blame and our shame will not bring us comfort in our mourning.  We must allow ourselves to mourn ... we must experience our authentic human feelings.  Yes, we are Divine ... but we are also human ... and our human feelings of mourning are just as sacred as our divinity.  Love causes us to mourn ... to connect with those directly affected by this tragedy in some way ... and mourning connects us.  We are called to "be in the world but not of the world" ... and this calling is for us to authentically connect within our hearts and within our minds with those in the world in which we live.  Our metaphysical understanding does not urge us to look beyond the world of appearance and overlook the facts, but to know that no matter what it is that we may be experiencing, that we remain in the All-ness of God ... the All-Loving Good that creates blessings out of tragedies.  How God will do this with the events this week at Virginia Tech may be a mystery to us now ... but the blessing will be revealed and unfolded ... and this is the Truth.

     I believe that the Universe is Calling us to remember what we know is the Truth.  The Truth is, God Is Love, and Love has reasons that reason does not understand ... and so we recognize that this Higher Intelligence is doing Its Perfect work in the lives of those who have gone before us and in the lives of those souls they have touched in this world.  Every soul is on a journey ... and from the evidence that is seen and un-seen, we know that each soul's journey is unique and individual.  Sometimes, in our finite-ness of mind, it is difficult to grasp the Truth that God is personal to each of us.  And in this personal relationship that each of us has with the Infinite, our relationship with It is infinitely individualized.  We are all living in the Omnipresence of God and this Omnipresence is not limited to either the physical or spiritual realms.  God is Spirit, this we know, and Spirit is within us.  This we can become aware of ... if we choose to become aware.

      "If you would find the highest, the fullest, and the richest life that not only this world but that any world can know, then do away with the sense of separateness of your life from the life of God.  Hold to the thought of your oneness.  In the degree that you do this you will find yourself realizing it more and more, and as this life of realization is lived, you will find that "no good thing will be withheld" ... for all things are included in this." - Ralph Waldo Trine, In Tune With the Infinite, 1899

The Universe is Calling ... are we responding consciously and soulfully to Spirit?  As we do, we will believe and know that our prayers for all those affected by this tragedy at Virginia Tech, is truly God praying through us ... and in this realization, we can accept that the Light of God surrounds them ... and we can know the Love of God enfolds them ... and holds them in Its Infinite loving embrace ... now and always.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Hank Bates
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