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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (April 23, 2006)      

       "There are three classes of people:  those who see.  Those who see when they are shown.  Those who do not see." - Leonardo da Vinci

The Da Vinci Delusion ... is a marketing term used by some Christian ministers to attempt to expose the errors in the book and the soon to be released movie, "The Da Vinci Code."  You can get more information by going to:  www.thedavincidelusion.com and www.thedavincicode.com and www.thedivincicode-movie.com ... and each of these websites will hopefully lead you to want to know more about God, the Teachings of Jesus and especially The Truth.  I believe there is Good in all things and I have no doubt that there is Good in all of these discussions and dialogues regarding the Da Vinci Code.  And there is something for each of us to learn ... to expand our knowledge and awareness of the diversity of religious and spiritual philosophies.  Of course, there are those who are highly offended when anything is said, printed or discussed that opposes their point of view.  However, if we are offended then we lose the opportunity to explore our beliefs and truth to a greater degree.  It is a fact that the person who believes that they know everything already ... is stopped in consciousness from growing and expanding a greater awareness of Truth.

     From "Catholic Answers" website:  "It isn't a defense to say that The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction.  Fiction can't change the basic facts about major historical figures without being subject to criticism.  People would be outraged if Doubleday printed a novel portraying Adolph Hitler in a positive light.  Christians have a right to be outraged when the basic historical facts about Christ are falsified.  The criticism will be even more intense when a publisher releases a book parodying the most sacred beliefs of others in this fashion."

     From American Family Association:  "The Da Vinci Code is an attack on the very foundation of the Christian faith and it threatens to lead millions to believe that Jesus Christ was a fraud ..... while the book and movie claim to be based on fact, they clearly are not.  Tragically many people, even Christians, will go away believing the book and movie are factual."

Dr. Stan Reeder of Westminster Church of the Nazarene,  Westminster, Colorado ... has created a website to distribute four sermons to counter The Da Vinci Code prior to its opening titled "See The Real Truth" ...  he writes, "if the book sold 40 million copies, imagine the impact the movie is going to have!"

     Dr. D. James Kennedy, and Coral Ridge Ministries, has produced a DVD titled "The Da Vinci Delusion" ... and AFA states that it is filled with "facts that are factual [?]."  The DVD sells for $25, including shipping.

     The concern over the movie is global.  According to the Christian Science Monitor, the Russian Orthodox Church has complained about the film, and Evangelicals in South Korea are even trying to keep it out of theaters.  One Christian leader, according to Yonghap News Agency, has compared it to the Danish cartoons denigrating Islam.

     The Christian Science Monitor reports that Evangelicals in the United States plan to launch their own website in late April backed by an anonymous philanthropist and hosted by Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, the project also involves people close to Billy Graham.

      I am amazed that Evangelical Christian and Catholic leaders have such a low opinion of the measure of intelligence within their congregants.  It appears as if they do not believe their congregants can intelligently view this movie as fiction ... which it is ... and still not be led astray from their theologies.  The Catholic Church in previous years forbid Catholics to read religious and spiritual literature that was contrary to Catholic teaching ... and it seems they are reverting back to their old ways ... but, now ... even they don't believe they can stop Catholics from seeing this soon to be blockbuster movie ... and it has them scared!

     In all of this controversy, we can see a glaring difference between traditional theologies and the philosophy of The Science of Mind.  The Science of Mind empowers us to think, to intelligently reach conclusions and to not be swayed by the "un-truth" ... no matter how cleverly marketed it is.  I believe that everyone has the intelligence to separate fact from fiction.  In the next three weeks I will look at the issues that the Evangelical Christians and Catholics are most disturbed about in the Da Vinci Code ... as well as the fictions that they themselves continue to perpetuate.  And as we go through this next three weeks I will know, as I always do, that each and every one of us has within us the intelligence to know the Truth.  "Whereas, I was blind ... now I see."

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love,
Rev. Bates

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