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Weekly Message To The Masses (April 25, 2004)         

           CONSCIOUS MIND - The Self-knowing Mind in God or in man.  The Intelligence in the Universe which reveals Itself in all Its creation.  It is impossible for us to conceive of Universal Consciousness, but we glimpse it through our use of "the One Mind common to all individual men."  Also referred to as the Self-knowing Mind.
SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND - Within our sub-conscious depths lie infinite wisdom, infinite power, an infinite supply of all that is necessary.  It is waiting there for us to give it development and expression.  But first we must "recognize" the potentialities of our deeper mind for this mind is the God-within us.

        Our prayers are answered when our "conscious mind" and our "sub-conscious mind" are in agreement ... until there is an "agreement" nothing significant changes.

From the Science of Mind: 
"Everyone automatically attracts to him/her self just what he/she is, and we may set it down that wherever we are, however intolerable the situation may be, we are just where we belong.  There is no power in the universe but ourselves that can free us.  Someone may help us on the road to realization, but substantiality and permanence can come only through the consciousness of our own life and thought.  Man/woman must bring him/her self to the place in mind where there is no misfortune, no calamity, no accident, no trouble, no confusion; where there is nothing but plenty, peace, power, Life and Truth.  He/she should definitely, daily (using his/her own name) declare the Truth about him/her self, realizing that he/she is reflecting his/her statements into Consciousness and that they will be operated upon by It.

        This is called, in mysticism, High Invocation; invoking the Divine Mind, implanting within It, seeds of thought relative to oneself.  And this is why some of the teachers of olden times used to instruct their pupils to cross their hands over their chests and say:  "Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful me!" definitely teaching them that as they mentally held themselves, so they would be held.  "Act as though I am and I will be."
- Dr. Ernest Holmes

       It is not enough to accept that we are created in the image and likeness of God (Conscious Mind)  ... we must realize this Truth in our experiences and especially the "image" that we have of ourselves (Sub-Conscious MInd).  Spiritual Strength is confidence and self-assurance.  Without the experience of God ... we cannot maintain a permanent sense of confidence and self-assurance ... we will always be second-guessing ourselves or even falling prey to the human ego emotions of superiority and inferiority.  This is why the Master Mind Jesus stated, "judge not according to appearances" ... but if we are to judge then we are to use righteous judgment ... right judgments always affirm the Truth about us ... the Truth that within us is the potential for Divine Expression ... as we "let go" and "let God" express in the situations and conditions that concern us.

      Far too many of us want to be more comfortable and happier ... but we don't want to change ... an unwillingness to change creates discomfort and depression ... opposites of comfort and happiness ... it is the ideas and thoughts about ourselves and our Life that must change, as the universe is constantly changing and expanding and if we do not ... then we are living out of alignment with the Natural order of Life.  We use our Conscious Mind to "direct" our Sub-Conscious Mind ... but if our mind is filled with fear and intimidation ... our Sub-Conscious will block the Good changes from being realized in our experiences.

Our Sub-Conscious will attract to us many, many opportunities to realize greater Love, Happiness, Joy and Abundance ... and as we cultivate and foster a greater image of ourselves using our Conscious Mind ... we will have the confidence to accept more and more of every Good thing that comes to us ... thanking God all the way!

 And So It Is! 

Maximum Love,
Rev. Hank Bates

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