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Sunday, April 29, 2001

"Along the cobbled road of destiny we hop from stepping stone to stepping stone, assuming
that all sporadic movement is progress.  IT IS NOT."
- Kai Bowe, City of Angels Spring/Summer Newsletter
                        "Our life will not change until God becomes our All-in-All, until we know that God Is the Source of All things.  There is something that gives us authority over our life when we trust in It, when we begin to sense and feel Its presence.  Our life is a song and we are singing it constantly.  What kind of song am I singing?  Is it a beautiful melody or the blues?  Would I enjoy listening to my song being played over and over again?  If I don't like the lyrics, the words to my song, I have the authority to change the lyrics.  I can change my song from the blues to a sweet melody or a beautiful love song.  I have the authority to do it.  This is my life - God gave it to me!  It is mine.  It is not my family's or my friends life, it is mine." - from the Sunday Lesson, April 22, 2001 - Dr. O. C. Smith, Founder and Spiritual Director, City of Angels Church of Religious Science, Los Angeles.

                          How many of us continue to live our lives through the filter of other people's judgments and expectations?  How many of us continue to make excuses, that's right, excuses for why we have not moved forward in our life?  When I first read the message written by Kai Bowe in the City of Angels Newsletter, at first I was a little taken aback.  You see, I too, believed in the "stepping stones."  I believed in the "process" more than I did in the "Thing Itself."  Why did this happen?  It is fairly easy to understand once we can sit back and objectively look at what is happening in our lives.  We believe in the process, in the steps - even though the steps and the process will sometimes distract us from attaining that which we seek to attain.  There are steps in the process to attaining almost everything we choose to accomplish.  However, we must not allow ourselves to get confused by the process.  As we move into that which we "seek to Be or seek to Do" we must know uppermost in our minds at all times that it "is" already accomplished on the un-seen side of Life.  If not, we take the chance of believing that we still need one more class or one more book or one more of whatever in order to "Be" it or "Do" it and so we cannot embody "it.".  This is not the truth.  We must begin to "embody" our idea, whatever it is, immediately and constantly.  If not we begin to sing the same song over and over again as Dr. O. C. Smith cautioned against in his Sunday Lesson.  Then, before we know it, we become "stuck" singing a tune over and over that has no rhythm and joy to it.

                        We have to "pump up the volume."  Whatever we are doing we must be prepared and in a state of readiness to do more.  If not, we will walk through the valley of "divine discontent" and if we are not careful we will stake a claim there.  We must take charge of our life and commune with God in a greater way.  Dr. O. C. Smith suggests that we spend the first 30-minutes of every day in meditation and communion with God - before we do anything else.  I do it and you can too.  We must commit ourselves to this or we will end up getting distracted from the goal and we will end up singing the "blues" without even being conscious of it.  Each and every one of us can pray more, meditate more and commune with God more.  Each and every one of us can spend more time thinking about what we want rather than what we don't want.  No matter what we are doing or what is happening around us, we must continually maintain our vision, see our demonstration completed.  In other words we can "pump up the volume" and begin singing a song of victory instead of the blues.  Let's get busy!

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates