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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for April 29, 2007 

           MEET YOURSELF -  Life begins today for the person who meets himself. At whatever age this great event occurs, life, deep and full, wells up and from that time on it can truly be said one lives. Strangely enough, multitudes of men and women are born, spend their days and die, never having really known themselves. They come and go on the human scene, the possessors of unrealized powers which never quite find expression. Of such Holmes pathetically declared, "They died with all their music in them." Human waste of such magnitude is little short of tragic and constitutes an offense against creation.

     Our problem is to become acquainted with our own selves, letting our personalities loose upon the world for the sheer adventure of their full development and in the positive hope that they may in their own way lift the level of humanity.

     Long ago Socrates wrote over the old Greek Temple—"Know Thyself—for he realized that achievement in any field and in the art of living itself is dependent upon an accurate knowledge of oneself. The average man needs this injunction of the Father of Philosophy, for most of us have no adequate conception of our powers and abilities. At heart we underestimate ourselves. We do not really believe in ourselves and remain for that reason weak, ineffectual, even impotent, when we could be strong, dominant, victorious.

     An old cobbler in Edinburgh, with that mature wisdom not infrequently found in the simple, honorable trades, was in the habit of beginning each day with the prayer, "O Lord, give me a high opinion of myself." To be sure, there are some people who seem to possess this lofty personal respect without necessity for recourse to the expedient of prayer, but it yet remains that the mass of men do not have a high opinion of themselves, and the reason is they do not know themselves.

The greatest day in any individual's life is when he begins for the first time to realize himself. For some this fortunately happens early in life and it bestows upon them a decided advantage. For others it happens late, but when it does the monotony of the unresponsive years is made to shine in the reflected glory of the late afternoon sunburst.
Whether it be early or late, any of us may well seek unremittingly the exciting experience of personal realization.

It happened to a college student friend of mine once with dramatic suddenness. Genial, easygoing, he was as unsuccessful in his studies as he was efficient upon the athletic field. His popularity with the cheering section was not fully shared by the faculty, and the curtain was slowly but surely falling upon his academic career. Its final drop, for some not too obscure reason, awaited only the conclusion of the football season.

     Destiny, however, has its own strange ways. One day in a class in psychology our student friend suddenly became enthralled as the professor described how the average man fails because he does not learn to control and consolidate his powers. He used the familiar illustration of the burning glass. The rays of the sun, falling upon a piece of paper, have little effect. Let them, however, be drawn by the burning glass to a focus and they create an intense heat which will quickly burn a hole in the paper.

     The professor pointed out that the man who succeeds is the one who can draw his dissipated and therefore futile powers to a focus. Our student said that in a flashing illumination he saw the cause of his own failure and oblivious of all in the room and under the spell of a veritable new birth leaped to his feet, crying, "I see it; I see it." Whereupon, amidst litters of amusement, he sank back embarrassed but wonderingly happy into his seat. What had happened? He had met himself, a new self, his real self, which never before had received its day in the sun, and the revelation changed him from a failure to a potential success, the possibilities of which were later abundantly realized.
- Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, "The New Art of Living"

So there we have it!  What Dr. Peale was teaching is not unique to him.  This call to realize a greater sense of our self is woven throughout the Science of Mind by Dr. Ernest Holmes.  It is absolutely imperative that we "see" ourselves as capable, worthy and having the confidence to do the things we choose to do.  There is so much talk these days about "The Secret" ... but we can find a million-trillion secrets ... but until and unless we find out who we truly are ... and are satisfied with the results of what we find ... we will continue to be seeking something "outside" of ourselves to validate our feelings of self-worth.  This can become an endless struggle ... lasting a lifetime.

     We must be willing to look at ourselves objectively ... and without any sense of negativity ... and honestly "take stock" of who we are.  Too many "spiritual" people will say, "I know I am a child of God" ... or "I know I am One with Infinite Spirit" ... but ... if we believed this our world would be a very different place ... and I mean our "personal" world of experience.  The "world at large" still has a lot of work to do ... so let's not struggle with that!

     William Shakespeare wrote, "This above all, to Thine own self be true."  But first ... we must know what this "self" is that we are being true too.  Now is the time to reveal our true self ... our authentic self.  That part of us that we know is true in the solitude of our mind.  Let's not keep our "magnificence" a "secret" any longer ... let's decide in this very moment to begin to be ... begin to know ... and begin to act ... to "open our mind to our magnificence now!"


Keep the faith!
Rev. Hank Bates
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