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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for April 30, 2017


            We are all gifted with the nature of the Spirit and this is the truth for those who accept this and believe it and for those who don't.  G-d is consciousness not a creator; the totality of everything that Is and we are part of this Is.  Too often we fail to celebrate the truth of our being and often we fail to realize that as we worship G-d; that is, give our attention to G-d, we fail to give attention to the Spirit of G-d within ourselves.  Everything that concerns us is dependent on this relationship with omnipresent G-d and the presence of G-d within us.  G-d cannot be limited, only our ideas and thoughts about G-d can be limited.  But, we have the power within us to loose the limits the world has placed on G-d and therefore whatever of this limitation we have accepted within our own mind and thoughts.

          In a small booklet titled "Effective Prayer" Ernest Holmes writes: 
"We are more than a reflection of God, we are more than an emanation or a projection of God; we are an attribute
, an incarnation, an individualization.  There is nothing else we could be.  Naturally, as a result there is a pressure against us at all times to be like God:  lovable, beautiful, joyous, whole, complete, satisfied."

          In his simple words the American Mystic Ernest Holmes gives us a profound truth and an opportunity to accept a new image of ourselves; something more in tune with the nature of the Infinite.  We are the personality of G-d and it is our natural state to be lovable, beautiful, joyous, whole, complete and satisfied.  Nothing outside of us, money, position, material success or people can give us these gifts.  They are within us to give freely and to receive freely.  We can only come into the experience of wholeness in body, mind and spirit by thinking and acting upon the truth that we are in the likeness of wholeness already.  It is the truth of us and will always be so both here and in the here-after.  To use a simple illustration think of a mirror that is soiled and covered with dust.  To leave it as so is to discard its inherent nature.  But, to dust it off and clean its surface reveals that it has always been what it is just covered up.  We can uncover the gifts of the Spirit within us in the same way by realizing that all that diminishes our love, our beauty, our joy, our wholeness, our completeness and a source of our dissatisfaction, is just a cover-up.  And this cover-up is just an accumulation of false beliefs, thoughts, and erroneous ideas that we have accepted about ourselves and others.

             "The creative nature of our thought involves the sum total of the content of our mind.  This means that our habitual thought patterns are being reflected in all our images of thought.  Also, the subconscious mind is a great creative reservoir.  Then, we are all immersed in and experiencing the race consciousness, and it is operating through each one of use to a greater or lesser degree.  Any negativity of thought we are aware of arising from such sources may be changed by consciously identifying ourselves with and maintaining only good positive ideas.  Such new identification thus becomes the law of our life. ..."
Ernest Holmes writes.|

          No everyone can accept these things but this is not the truth for you or me.  We know and we accept that we are in the Spirit and the Spirit is within us, that our life on planet Earth is a gift from the Intelligence of G-d that clothed our spirit in human form so that we may experience this plane of existence fully and completely in love and joy and peace and wholeness.  We can read in Proverbs 3:3-4 ... "Let no steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart.  So you will find favor and good success in the sight of G-d and mankind."

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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