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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for May 1, 2016

             "The power of unfulfilled desires is the root of all man's slavery" is a profound statement from Paramahansa Yogananda found in his book "The Autobiography of a Yogi."  We must be wise in what desires we hold in our mind and heart no matter how good and wonderful they may seem to be.  Our desire for things can bring us misery if we fail to realize that the "things" are but "symbols" to draw into our life the state of awareness that reflects peace and harmony and joy and love in our lives.  Knowing that our thoughts, ideas and imaginings are all drawn from the Intelligence that is omnipresent, we can realize that our desire for more or greater things is but the Infinite out-pushing through us to cause us to be more creative and more open to new ideas and new experiences.  There is nothing wrong in wanting things but let's not be stopped or distracted by the things but cultivate that greater sense of the joy and love and peace within us that insures that whatever it is that we have or don't have, our enthusiasm for life is never dulled. 

       Let us give these words from Mike Dooley's book, "Infinite Possibilities, The Art Of Living Your Dreams" some serious consideration: 
"Life is waiting for you - waiting for you to give it direction, give it meaning, and provide just a spark.  When acting in line with your dreams, you invoke life's inviolate principles, you set into motion an array of unseen forces, and you unleash the magic behind the illusions of time and space.  It is the same magic that helps you finish a sentence before you even know how it'll end, knows just how fast to beat your heart, and spins your dreams each and every night.  It's also the magic that sweeps birds into formation, sends bears into hibernation and bees after honey, and pushes up trees and all things green.  This is the magic you invoke when you act with certainty and the magic that makes dreams come true; all that's needed to get the ball rolling is for you to aim and throw.  And like a boomerang, your intentions - supported by your thoughts, deeds, and words - will indeed return to you, manifested within time and space.
       We're all sorcerers.  We're all magicians.  And we can each invoke this magic to live the life of our dreams.  Indeed, it's our greatest birthright.

And before anyone thinks this is too good to be true, let us remind ourselves that nothing is too good to be true.  It is the veil of time and space that the Master Mind Jesus was referring to when he stated "the kingdom of heaven is at hand."  Our willingness to accept that "there is good for me and I ought to have it" will give force to our thoughts, words and actions.  It is up to you and me, for no one else can think or speak or even act for us to bring forth the dreams, desires and aspirations that we feel in our heart and soul.  The Master Mind Jesus believed that "it is the Father's (Spirit's) good pleasure to give to you" ... but we must ask/claim our good, seek the experience of it in our mind, and take what action is necessary to condition our mind to accept it as the truth for us.

           Realizing our dreams and desires is not being selfish or self-centered.  This could only be true if we believe that others cannot realize the same degree of good in their lives as we realize for ourselves.  What one can do all can do and this is a spiritual principle that is universal, changeless and immutable.  The Master Mind Jesus told us we can do the greater things still ... greater things than we have ever accomplished or even conceived before ... but we must be purposeful in our intentions and know how the things we aspire to will give our lives greater meaning.  We can have all that we believe and the possibilities are unlimited as we drop the belief in lack; lack of faith, lack of power, lack of imagination and creativity.  All things are possible for the I Am within each of us makes all things possible when our mind and heart are aligned with its power.  Mike Dooley calls it "magic" but I prefer to think of it as "Intelligence" ... all knowing intelligence.

          Mike Dooley found his way to a wonderful life and perhaps in his words based on his experiences will cause us to find our way.  Here is one simple example in his own words: 
"Whenever we want something - an event or a thing - to come into our lives, it's obviously because that event or thing is not currently in our lives, and the trick is that we must begin thinking and acting as if it is already there.  We must talk as if it's already there, and while saying such things seems a bit crazy, that's the way it works.  That's the key to living your dreams; you must live them first, at least in your thoughts, in order to manifest them."  
And so we have a choice - to continue to think of what is absent in our lives or to begin to believe and think the thoughts that we have ... and give evidence to the things we desire to experience.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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