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Weekly Message To The Masses (May 2, 2004)         

College Leader 'Disappointed' by Cheney
By SCOTT CHARTON, Associated Press Writer
FULTON, Mo. - Westminster College's president said Monday he was so "surprised and disappointed" by Vice President Dick Cheney's attacks on John Kerry during a speech that he is inviting the Democrat to visit for a reply.

Fulton, Missouri is only a 25 miles from my hometown of Mexico, Missouri so this news story caught my attention right away.  Missouri is known as the "Show Me" state ... in other words ... don't tell me ... show me.  If President Lamkin was disappointed in VP Cheney ... it was his own fault ... because he hasn't been paying attention.  Negative politics is not new ... and President Bush and VP Cheney did not originate this type of political shenanigans ... nor is it limited to just their political party.  We can all see the results of negative politics in our society ... it permeates the collective consciousness and breeds despair, apathy and scorn for politics and politicians.  Somehow our politicians have made the "intelligent" decision that "as you sow ... so shall you reap" doesn't apply to them(?) ... that somehow they can defy the Universal Law of "cause and effect" that the Master Mind Jesus based His entire teaching on ... and amazingly enough ... many people are not concerned about it.

Why?  I believe it is because we have convinced ourselves that the Law of Sowing and Reaping is just for philosophers ... because we don't experience Its results "instantly" on the "visible side of Life."  But Its results are instantaneous on the "Invisible Side of Life" ... where it matters.  I know I have written about the basic Law of Sowing and Reaping many times before, but this is something that is so important to everything we want to accomplish in Life.  Whatever we sow ... we reap ... that is the Truth .. and the Truth is Change-less.  The only way we can reap a different harvest is to dramatically and drastically change what we are sowing.

      The Master Mind Jesus cautioned us to "be in the world but not of the world."  If we allow ourselves to absorb too much of this negativity ... it will also become an influence in our individual experiences.  We must be cautious with our feelings and our responses to negativity.  The biblical passage, "no thing shall offend thee," is an appropriate response.  We must not resist negativity or attempt to fight it with the Truth ... we must simply know that it loses its power for the Power of God ... the Power of Love, Peace and Harmony ... exists even when all visible evidence denies them.  This is why Jesus stated, "judge not lest ye be judged" for the Law of Sowing and Reaping is activated by our judgments ... it is an energy of negativity.

     It is a sign of weakness for anyone to criticize or judge another person.  Life is affirmative and that which benefits us is always positive and affirming.  The weak will cast out their judgments to cover-up their own mistakes and short-comings and often will blur the truth so cleverly that their lies become believable.  But as we stand firm in our conviction to "be in the world but not of the world" we can know that "this too shall pass" and we can look forward to the Truth that the Infinite Power of God continues to do Its Perfect Work in our world.  Today is the day to challenge ourselves to "let" the Truth set us free!

 And So It Is! 

Maximum Love,
Rev. Hank Bates

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