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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for May 3, 2009 

                      "Form a clear conception of what you seek to accomplish, but do not let what you seek to accomplish interfere with doing perfectly what you have to do now.  Your concept of what you want is a guide to your energies, and an inspiration to cause you to apply them to the utmost to your present work.  Live for the future now.
                               Suppose that your desire is to have a department store, and you have only capital enough to start a peanut stand.  Do not try to start a department store today, on a peanut stand capital; but start the peanut stand in the full faith and confidence that you will be able to develop it into a department store.  Look upon the peanut stand merely as the beginning of the department store, and make it grow; you can." 
- Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich

To begin anything, we must start right where we are as everything begins and ends in mind.  And in order to move into greater success and prosperity, we must never let our work or anything else label us.  Whatever we are doing today is ours to do today ... and it is for our good.  If we don't like our work or think it is beneath us, we are attaching ourselves to a negative and cannot register success in our consciousness.  Let's be very clear about this, success is created in our mind first.  Nothing is ever about what we do, but instead is what we think about what we do.

     To resign from a job or to fail to fulfill the responsibilities of our current job before our new idea has manifested is to set ourselves up for something less than success.  I have had people tell me they have left their job because they just couldn't handle it anymore.  But, I can assure you that the difficulty they encountered was there for their good.  It was there to strengthen their resolve to be successful and to build within them the consciousness of success.  Successful people are focused not on the challenges, but on their goals.  Everything comes to us for our good and if we don't believe this is so, then we are blocking our own demonstration of something greater.  In order to have something greater, we must become something greater in our mind.  And there is nothing quite like "walking through the shadow of the valley of death (negativity)" to build within us determination and to open our mind to a greater success.

A frequent question that comes to me when I have counseled people regarding success is how to do what they are doing successfully while keeping the bigger picture of their goals in their mind at the same time.   The way to do it is as simple as realizing that every time we complete whatever task we are doing successfully, we are impressing our subconscious with success.  Success leads to greater success.  The desire we feel for success, is the Divine impulse within us seeking to express Itself through us in a greater and greater expression of life.

    I know there are people who believe that success doesn't always guarantee prosperity.  But, believing that it doesn't, guarantees that it doesn't.  Both are Divine urges within us, because both are an acceptance of more Good in our experience.   It is up to us to decide what it is that we want and to declare it as our own.  Dr. Robert Bitzer wrote a marvelous affirmation regarding success and prosperity that will insure that we experience both: 
"All that I do succeeds and prospers, because success and prosperity are the laws of my life."  Maintaining an activity of success mentally and physically, activates the Law of Mind that responds to our definite claim for both success and prosperity.

Wallace D. Wattles writes, "The cause of success is some power within you; you have the power to develop any power to a limitless extent; for there is no end to mental growth; you can increase the strength of this power indefinitely, and so you can make it strong enough to do what you want to do, and to get what you want to get; when it is strong enough you can learn how to apply it to the work, and therefore, you can certainly succeed.  All you have to learn is the cause of success, and how it must be applied."

This power within us is G-d, it is our guiding light, our strength, our hope, and our faith.  It only knows success and prosperity.  It cannot be brought to the level of failure and poverty.  We can use this same principle that Wallace D. Wattles has outlined for any issue we face in life.  We can ask our self, how much can I believe for myself today? ... and then work, within our mind, to demonstrate what we can believe for ourselves today.  There are no limits to what we can do ... but for most of us, we need to work one step at a time ... and develop the faith and confidence for unlimited demonstrations.

     True prosperity is knowing that our prayers are responded to and that we can experience the fulfillment of our good desires ... and we may prosper abundantly ... providing that we are willing to do the mental work necessary to meet the level of success and prosperity we desire for ourselves.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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