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Weekly Message for Sunday, May 4, 2003

                     Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote the "Science of Mind" in 1926, and a quick look at this amazing book will quickly identify Ernest Holmes as a man who not only understands the work of the Master Jesus, but who dwelled so deep into the Teachings of the Radical Rabbi as to identify with the nature of Jesus' Greatest Works.  In an age where most of the religious leaders were not much more than parroting the words written in scripture, Dr. Holmes actually identified the concepts which Jesus developed in order to demonstrate the miracles attributed to Him.  Dr. Holmes realized that Jesus was not doing what He did in some random unidentifiable way ... but that Jesus had looked to the Universal Laws, the Science of the Universe, and identified the immutable, universal natural laws that apply to everything and everyone.

            No one can deny the existence of gravity.  It works for everybody ... liars and cheats ... honest and noble ... it does not deny anyone the activity of its nature.  The Power of God, Infinite Good ... works in the same manner ... it is the nature of God to be Infinitely Good ... and it is the nature of God ... to be Infinitely Present ... just like gravity.  This is not something to accept by faith ... but by science.  When the Master Mind Jesus stated, "it is done unto you as you believe (decide)," He was stating that we "activate" God in our Life in the same manner as we "activate" gravity ... we align ourselves with God's energy ... and this energy ... something akin to confidence and self-assurance ... creates a pattern in our life... if we don't like the patterns that exist ... then we must "lift up" the level of energy that we are "activating."  Low-energy brings sickness, depression and limitation ... higher energy brings health and enthusiasm and attracts those who vibrate at a higher energy level into our experience ... you know ... successful, happy people ... not the ones who want to tell us their tired stories of shame, blame and disappointment.

           Dr. Bitzer once stated to his audience that the "poor will always be with us."  But ... unless we want to join them in their poor spirits and poor attitudes ... we would be better served in raising our energy level and cease attracting them into our lives.  Nobody loves misery more than a miserable person ... they will argue for it ... blame everyone else for their miseries ... and oftentimes will actually denigrate those who try to help them.  This is why Jesus stated that we may have to "leave our father and mother" to follow Him ... what He meant of course was that we would have to leave all those who try to share their misery with us.

         The Science of Mind, like the Teachings Of Jesus, teach us to identify the "beliefs and ideas" that we hold onto that keep us in bondage to our misery... and gives us principles to use to move out of them.

         Recently I visited a Baptist Church and the minister was "preaching" about the prodigal son ... and went into detail how this son of a very rich man left his father's house and ended up hopeless and eating with the pigs in a hog-pen.  (In the Science of Mind we understand that in Reality the son had created a separation from God in his mind.)  This minister looked out at his congregation and stated, "you are all living in a hog-pen experience."  Then he went on to state that "Jesus is coming again ... as a matter of fact He could come any second."  Personally anyone who believes they are living in a hog-pen experience is way beyond caring about whether Jesus is coming or not ... and probably would argue with Him if He did!

        The Science of Mind teaches that we are all "perfect ideas in the Mind of God" and if we shift our beliefs to this Truth ... we will experience a greater Heaven right here where we are ... as Jesus stated ... "the kingdom of heaven is within you."  Now, the good Baptist minister didn't mention that ... but I will just bless the hell he lives in anyway.


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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