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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, May 5, 2013 

Listen to the Radio Broadcast of this Message:  click here
        First of all today I want to congratulate everyone who listens to or reads this message.  I know that you are seeking to get tuned in and turned on to Life in a greater way and that is what this teaching is all about.  There is that within us that was within Moses as he envisioned the Promised Land.  There is that within us that was within Isaiah when he preached naked in order to get the people's attention to tell them that G-d is All-IN-All ... everything that we see.  There is that within us that was within Jesus and Krishna and the Buddha, that knows that the Spirit within us is greater than that which is in the world.  There is that within us that knows that we are unified in mind, body and soul with the Highest Power, Spirit and Intelligence that created ALL that we can see or perceive.  This we can accept in faith and can experience as we keep our mind above the things of the world that follow the dismal path of unbelief or the limitations of religion.  The Master Mind Jesus proved that G-d is a Mighty Power when we recognize the truth of the Presence of G-d within us and in and through all people and things.  Those of you who are attracted to this message are touching on this the Highest Truth not only in your mind, but your soul is silently reaching out to experience this truth in greater ways, both spiritually and materially.  There is no limit to the experience of G-d that is available to us ... and this is not just the truth, but the truth, Jesus said, will set us free from the limitations of the world.

            "You have a silent partner within you whose energy is inexhaustible and whose intelligence is without limit.  Your silent partner is more than a subjective or unconscious reaction to life, it is Life Itself. ... You must find and maintain a close communion with your true Center.  Your creative power is not an act of will.  It is, rather, an act of your willingness to believe.  And you are believing in something greater than your objective self, something beyond the collective thought of the world.  Your creative power comes from the originating Spirit Itself, which knows no limit, is conditioned by no circumstance and governed by no law outside Itself. ... Throw yourself with complete abandon into the all-consuming fire of inward conviction. ... Try to feel such a close union with this invisible Presence that It become to you as an infinite Person - not a person separated from you, but the Person operating through you.  ... Unity does not mean uniformity.  Therefore, you know that G-d is always acting in you in a unique way, in an original manner.  Try to feel that every day something new and wonderful is going to happen to you.
-  Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called You

       The greatest demonstration of the Spirit within man was the crucifixion of Jesus.  Man in his limited thinking believed that Jesus could be destroyed by crucifying his body, but Jesus having discovered within himself the everlasting Life and Spirit of G-d, knew that the body was the form in which his soul was experiencing Life on earth, but it was only the form, not his life.  Had the Master Mind Jesus believed as man believes, he would have passed from this world without notice.  But he discovered in his soul (consciousness) the Presence of the Spirit of G-d, and he had used the Power of the Presence for himself and for others to the point that he had no doubt of Its ability to work through him, for him, to sustain the life of him.  And in this powerful awareness he was able to prove the indestructible Power of the Spirit over the physical world in which we live and was able to demonstrate for us that all things are possible when we use the full-force of our faith in unity with the Spirit of G-d.

       Ernest Holmes wrote this powerful affirmation so that we, who accept it as our truth, can try to feel that every day something new and wonderful is going to happen to us:
"I am conscious that the Divine Spirit is acting through me.
I am aware that the Truth is making me free from any belief in want, in lack or limitation.
There is no doubt or uncertainty in my mind.
I have a feeling of security and of ability to do anything that I should do.
I am not afraid of life or death, for I know that death is swallowed up in life.
I know that every living soul will find complete emancipation sooner or later.
Therefore, I stand "amidst the eternal ways" and let the winds of G-d blow full and free around me."

      Let us begin to believe these words so that we can draw to us, in the silence of our mind, all the power, energy and intelligence necessary to do those things that come to us to do ... the good desires of our heart.  Let us cease looking to the world for our confidence and our security but give ALL POWER to G-d knowing and believing that this Silent Partner that will never forsake us or leave us brings to our awareness through expected and unexpected ways, that which we are to do, to be and to have that will give us the ability to release our imprisoned splendor.  That is, our ability to choose and to experience that which the Spirit brings to our awareness.

     Each and every one of us can know and know that we know that Life is always more than we can imagine ... more than we are aware of in our finite-human awareness.  We want to experience more of Life, more of the Good that G-d has prepared for us, but we won't even be aware of what this "more" is, unless we give of our time and faith and energy and thoughts, to let the Holy Spirit infuse us with the right ideas for us.  These "right ideas" may take the form of greater health, greater wealth, greater loving companionship ... or the desire to travel around the world ... or to be at peace with Life as we experience It.  We don't know yet, perhaps, just what our Maker wants to teach us.  

    Once again, let us be reminded of these words from the mystical Isaiah 55:3:  "Incline your ear, and come to me; hear, that your soul may live .." and let us not forget these words from the Book of Ecclesiastes 11:5: "As thou knowest not what is the way of the wind, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child; even so thou knowest not the work of God who doeth all."  And in these words spoken from pure Spirit through man, we can know that there is so much more for us to know, to experience, to enjoy, to love and to be!


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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