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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for May 8, 2011 

                       "I once had a consciousness that money was hard to get.  I wanted to hang onto it.  Everything I saw proved it.  I thought if a person wanted to make money he should work like the devil and not waste a cent.  That is only an idea.  It is now a fact that I don't know that there is any poverty.  It is no longer a part of my consciousness.  I spend what I want to spend when I want to spend it.  Why you get the idea of the thing that you want done, speak right out into Mind and Mind does it.  Mind is the only actor there is.  There is no law but Mind in action.  Law is Mind in action.  So I just got busy with myself, and one by one I treated myself with every concept of plenty.  I said:  "There is plenty of money, plenty of opportunity, plenty of friends, plenty of business."  You must get rid of that thing that ails you.  If we still lack peace, if we lack prosperity, something ails us.  It is because we are seeing falsely.  That is all." - Ernest Holmes

   "Mind sees what it believes as clearly as it believes what it sees." - Mrs. Eddy

     What Dr. Holmes is referring to when he uses the term "treated myself" is spiritual mind treatment.  We can call it prayer ... we can call it prayer-treatment, or we can call it spiritual treatment ... we can call it whatever we want, what is important is that we put it into practice.  "It is done unto you as you believe," the radical Jesus taught and every legitimate spiritual teacher agrees with Him.  So if we want change, we must change what we believe, and this requires work, mental work.

     Spiritual treatment is a method, for those unfamiliar with it, to "convince" our mind of a greater truth than what we have accepted.  How do we know what we have accepted? ... Mrs. Eddy tells us the answer to this in her statement "mind sees what it believes."  And if we don't like what we see, then it is time to get busy with ourselves.

     In the "Lord's Prayer" the mystical Jesus states, "Thy Kingdom is come" ... and in this He is telling us that the Good is available ... it has already been prepared for us.  We don't see it ... because we don't believe it ... yet.  We will begin to "see it" as we put this lesson into practice, daily.  How can I be so certain? ... because the Mind of G-d responds to us, automatically and immediately, if we tell It what we really believe.

     Let's look again at what Dr. Holmes said about money: "I once had a consciousness that money was hard to get."  He was being honest about his belief about money.  We must be honest about our beliefs about money too if we are to change them.  Whatever we have believed that is a negative in any way, we must "treat" to the opposite; i.e. money is hard to get, we have to work like the devil to get money, we can waste money, giving money causes me to have less of it.  All of these are beliefs that the masses of people honestly believe.  But none of these are the truth unless we believe them to be so.  The truth is, we must "get the consciousness of money" and then, and only then, will our problems with money end.  

     Say these words to your self:  "Money and more money is mine."  Can we imagine that our money increases even when we give generously or pay our bills? Let's strengthen this affirmation by stating:  "I believe that money and more money is mine."  How does it make you feel when you say these words?  Now, stand up and say them out loud into the Infinite Mind ... "I believe that money and more money is mine" ... do this in an attitude of gratitude and acceptance, not with the thought of "getting" but with the thought of asking (claiming) for that which is ours to receive.

      Dr. Robert Bitzer, Founder of the Hollywood Church of Religious Science, told the story of a young man who was doing spiritual treatment for money.  Dr. Bitzer asked him why he was praying for money and the young man replied, "because I don't have any," to which Dr. Bitzer responded, "and that is why you don't."  We must eliminate the idea in our mind that all we have is what we see in the material.  Our prosperity and abundance is available ... first, in the metaphysical, the Un-Seen, including money.  It is our beliefs about money that block us from receiving it and becoming aware of the opportunities to enjoy financial increase.

     A CNNMoney.com report on May 5, 2011, reports that "Despite the Great Recession, which wiped out $15.5 trillion in household wealth in the United States alone, the number of millionaires in this country and abroad will grow rapidly over the next decade."  Behind this growth in the number of millionaires are ideas and opportunities, but our mind must be open and receptive for us to become aware of the ideas and opportunities that will prosper us.  Not all of us will become millionaires nor do all of us want to be.  But, none of us want to be distracted from our happiness and peace by money issues and so we must establish in our consciousness a healthy attitude about money and our relationship to it.

     It is a gift of the Spirit that we have the intelligence and the creative action of mind to write and speak a spiritual treatment.  The evolutionary science of mind follows the pattern of prayer used by the Master Mind Jesus and it has been used by countless individuals to specifically draw unto them all the money and all the anything that is necessary for them to demonstrate the things in life that they choose to experience; health, happiness, marriage, employment, compensation and money.  For more information about spiritual treatment, affirmative prayer, click here.

     Dr. Holmes writes in his book, "Living Without Fear":  "Any experience which proves to a person that his faith can loose an intelligent Power which responds to him will be more salutary in his life than all the knowledge of what the sages of the ages have written.  One definite experience which proves the integrity of a man's spirit and its direct relationship to the universal Mind and Spirit will do more for the individual than to know all the teachings of theology.  For thus alone can he arrive at the place where he can say:  "I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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