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Weekly Message To The Masses (May 9, 2004)         

         Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9th as everyone knows, so I thought it would be a good idea to review one of the greatest lessons that most of us have learned from our mothers ... and that is to "always tell the truth."  But as many of us learned during our childhood, the truth can be subjective ... it can be altered based on an individual's perceptions.  Telling the truth can sometimes be uncomfortable and oftentimes when we were children, the truth got us into trouble with our mothers.  But for most of us, it always turned out to be the best way to go and so we learned that there is something very important about always telling the truth.

       When we begin to learn about Spiritual Truth, once again, we find ourselves becoming uncomfortable and uneasy ... Spiritual Truth as we learn is even more demanding on us that just the simple truth.  As we begin our study of Spiritual Truth we find quickly that Mom's admonition to "always tell the truth" was far easier.  Mom taught us the awareness of truth in the physical; in the words we speak and the actions we take.  Spiritual Truth goes beyond the visible to the Great Invisible.  From the Science of Mind Glossary: 
TRUTH - That which is.  It is the Reason, Cause and Power in and through everything.  It is Birthless, Deathless, Changeless, Complete, Perfect, Whole, Self-Existent, Causeless, Almighty, God, Spirit, Law, Mind, Intelligence, and anything and everything that implies Reality.  By a process of axiomatic reasoning, we arrive at the conclusion that Spirit knows nothing outside Itself.  The Truth is that which Is; and being that which Is, It must be Infinite and All.  Being Infinite and All, the Truth can have nothing outside Itself, other than Itself, or unlike Itself, by which we divide Itself; consequently, the Spirit is Indivisible, Changeless and Complete within Itself.  Itself is all that is - both Cause and Effect, the Alpha and the Omega.

When we pray or do a treatment, we pray from the demonstration ... in other words, as the Master Mind Jesus taught, we pray "knowing that it is."  If I am praying for money, I speak the Truth about money.  For example, I "realize" that there is Infinite Abundance of every Good thing in the Universe ... there is more money than anyone could ever spend ... then I pray "accepting" that which is mine, giving thanks that I "have it" and then release my prayer to God, Infinite Intelligence, knowing that the money I have just given thanks for will show up in the right and perfect time.  Now, the truth that Mom talked about might sound something like "I am so broke I don't have two dimes to rub together" ... but, that is not The Truth ... it is a "limited understanding" of Truth ... and as our minds stay focused on the "limited" ... we are limited to what we have ... we may have money coming to us from some unknown source ... someone may feel inclined to give us some money ... or we may have an opportunity to earn the money we need ... but ... as long as our focus is on the truth ... rather than The Truth ... then we probably won't realize one penny of it.  As we can read in scripture, "he who has little will have even less and he who has much shall have even more still."  This statement represents the difference between the truth about what we have and The Truth of what we have.  Keep in mind, "it is the Father's Good pleasure to give us the kingdom" ... but even God cannot give to those who won't accept that it is.

       As we celebrate Mother's Day we can realize that Mom pointed us in the right direction ... but it has always been up to us to open our mind to the Greater Truth that unlocks the door to Infinite Good and Freedom from limitation.  Mom, like God, wants us to have every Good thing we can imagine for ourselves ... but just like God, it is not enough for Mom to want it for us ... it is up to us to accept it ... and we begin our acceptance by Always Telling The Truth.

 And So It Is! 

Maximum Love,
Rev. Hank Bates

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