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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for May 9, 2010 

                   This week we are in week #4 of a 6-week prosperity series of lessons that I am giving so that each of us have an opportunity to "discover" the way in which we can increase our measure of prosperity and financial ease. [previous lessons in Archived Messages ] I am presenting these lessons via the web site text messages, on the Sunday morning radio program and on the 6-Wednesday evening radio programs.  The first step to realizing greater prosperity is "commitment to prosperity" and so to "activate" our commitment to prosperity, I am suggesting that after each lesson, everyone is to send $1 to Rev. Bates at P. O. Box 1173, Palm Springs, CA  92263 ... I will also accept non-U.S. currency ... write on the outside of the envelope "#3" this week ... and then "#4", etc.  for the remaining of the 6-weeks of commitment to prosperity as we gain a "conviction" that we can experience a more prosperous life, now.  If you are just beginning this week to respond to this exercise in prosperity, write # 4 on your envelope. - Rev Bates

          "Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers and those who care for others. ...
When I was a child my mother would read the Bible to us on Sunday afternoons.  After my father made his transition, my mother made it a practice to read the Bible at night.  Her faith was very simple, but it served her well.  My mother and father raised twelve children on a farm in Missouri.  My mother never knew what it was like to work outside of the home, yet, she prospered abundantly.  When she made her transition, I received her Bible.  This is what I found when I looked inside to find what had meaning for her:  "Matthew 6:6But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly." - from the Holy Bible
Many spiritual teachers have taught that we are to pray in secret and keep that which is between us and G-d secret and sacred.  As we understand that all things have a certain energy about them, especially words, thoughts and ideas ... then it is easy to understand that we don't want to scatter the energy that we have intensified in our mind with our prayers.  When the Master Mind Jesus helped the man with leprosy to be healed, he instructed him not to tell anyone about it.  Most people think that this was because someone may have talked the man out of his healing by creating doubt and disbelief in his mind, but since Jesus was a spiritual genius, I am certain it was more than that.  "Thy faith has healed you," Jesus said ... he didn't say "how lucky you are" or you have met with "God's favor" ... or "I have healed you" ... he recognized the "power of faith" and was fully aware that faith is a "state of mind" highly charged with dynamic energy and simplicity.

     We can develop this same "highly charged" energy about money and wealth, if we are willing to pray in secret and to keep the secrets that are between us and G-d.  In doing so, we can live in a consciousness of wealth and success rather than the upswings and downturns created by the ego mind.  But, this means we must not only make the decision to keep our divine-secrets, but we must also be willing to resist the impulse of ego to take credit for our wealth and success and fully understand that "it is the Father that doeth the work" ... and it is all done in Mind, the Mind of G-d.

     Let us look at the Master Mind Jesus' first instruction which is to pray.  We know that we must not pray by rote or without thought of the meaning of our prayers or tell the Divine how to bring our prayers to pass.  Let's look to the masterful Eric Butterworth for some words of wisdom regarding prayer from his book, "The Universe is Calling": 
"Let me repeat:  you do not pray to God, but from a consciousness of God.  Think about this.  Get it into your awareness.  So whenever you have something to pray about, before you start looking up and reaching out, pause for a moment and remember;  first get the awareness of oneness, as a mighty potential of life, substance, and intelligence within you.  Then set about spiritedly to pray from that awareness. ....  You may have thought that you were only praying when you said, "Now I am going to start praying."  No matter what you call it, your thought concerning any subject is a prayer treatment."

We can ask ourselves, what is my thought right now about my health, success, relationships, and my wealth?  Whatever my thought is, that is my prayer ... that is what I am feeding my body, my career or work, my relationships, my financial condition ... and the One Mind, which is G-d.  We may not keep our communions with G-d secret, but it is impossible to keep a secret from G-d ... for Mind Is All and All Is Mind ... we are in It, and It is in us.  And I am not writing this from any perspective of judgment but from an understanding that we are always "using the One Mind" .. It is All-Knowing, infinite Intelligence ... and always and in all-ways, responding to us through Love and Law.  We can change these thoughts that we have about the circumstances and conditions we are experiencing in our lives by keeping our prayers simple, specific and definite.  And we can make these simple prayers powerful by keeping them secret and sacred between us and G-d.  Now this doesn't mean we cannot have a confidant, someone we know that supports us in our good, but this person too, must keep our prayers secret and sacred.

     All of these things we have been studying about prosperity and success are so simple and so easy to practice.  Some people do these things naturally and easily as some of these practices are part of the way they think and contemplate their lives, for others of us, we must make a conscious effort to put these things into practice ... but many of us won't, because it seems too easy ... too simple ... and almost too good to be true that this is all that is required of us.  But, think for a moment about the man with leprosy ... his healing was brought about in absolute simplicity.  And that's the way of all spiritual growth and especially the development of a prosperity consciousness.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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