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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for May 10, 2009 

                      "God couldn't be everywhere, so he created mothers." - Jewish Proverb        
"While we know that God really is indeed everywhere because God is Omnipresence, I have always appreciated the folk wisdom and metaphor as quoted above because it depicts the ineffable character of the Divine Feminine, which is omnipresent, nurturing and sustaining of all living things while excluding no one.  Dr. Ernest Holmes refers to the Feminine Principle as the Universal Womb of Nature, an omnipresent principle operating through all living things, unconditionally nurturing and growing to fruition whatever falls into its embrace.  For this reason, I believe another term for the Divine Feminine could be "Unconditional Love."  In other words, God as the Divine Feminine is Unconditional Love." 
- Dennis Merritt Jones, D.D. .. www.dennismerrittjones.com

I used the words above from Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones to clarify the metaphysical understanding of the Divine Feminine.  And like him, I also appreciate the Jewish Proverb.  I have always enjoyed the celebration and recognition of mothers on Mother's Day and found it to be a wonderful opportunity to honor this very important relationship, both personally and collectively.  Mother's Day is celebrated in various ways and dates in over 140 countries in the world, because the celebration has different origins from which it began.

    So much of what we will hear and read about mothers in Mother's Day spiritual and religious services will most likely be about the "ideal" of mother.  But, in our day-to-day living, our relationships with our mothers can vary from devoted affection to antagonism.  Not everyone's relationship with their mother has been ideal, and not every mother has welcomed the role enthusiastically.  For some women, biological motherhood has not been possible, and so they have accepted the role of nurturing the life of a child that they did not give birth to.  And some women have become mothers by accident, and not always happy about it.

     Psychology has not always been kind to mothers throughout the years ... Sigmund Freud coming foremost to mind.  Psychology has attempted to make mothers the "cause" of so many of our emotional and mental challenges.  In doing so, they have kept far too many from realizing their true source of self-esteem and security, and often disaffected the relationship between mother and child.  No one can create an "ideal" mother-child relationship for any of us.  Our relationship with our mother, is part of our relationship to Life.  And for most of us, our mothers have always given us their best.  Perhaps, not according to psychology, but their best is the truth.

The Media, via television and movies, has also attempted to create the "ideal" role-model mother for us.  Today, on CNN.com there is the asinine question:  "Did you ever wish your mom was Carol Brady of "The Brady Bunch?"  And while reading a "sermon" from a Southern Baptist Pastor, I found that, "Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the ideal role model for motherhood."

     So, if you, or your mother, was/is a cookie-cutter version of Carol Brady or the Virgin Mary, you can skip the rest of this message.  It's not for you.  It's for those who don't look to role-models or comparisons to others, either positively or negatively, to define their life experiences.  In this message I want to encourage every mother, and every son and daughter ... to embrace the truth that their relationship with their mother or child, is the ideal one for them.  Only in truly being our authentic self, can we ever feel the embrace of the Divine Feminine as It expresses through our relationship as mother and child.  Whether our relationships with our mother or children has been one of frustration, concern, or loving and satisfying ... there is a Good in it that we must discover and reveal within our mind.  The "cause" of this relationship is "consciousness" ... and only "consciousness" can appreciate it ... or heal it.  Both of which are required for a healthy emotional and mental experience of life.  As we seek this appreciation or healing within, we shall find it, for it is the nature of Unconditional Love to reveal it to us.

     I agree with Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones that the Divine Feminine is "Unconditional Love" ... G-d as the Divine Feminine is Unconditional Love.  And it is this Unconditional Love that expresses the nurturing nature of G-d through every woman who accepts the role of motherhood in whatever form it presents itself.  And this nurturing nature of the Divine Feminine is not limited to women.  Many men have been in the role of raising children, and this Divine Feminine urge is not feminine in a physical sense, but nurturing.  We can all embrace it within ourselves, for we are all a part of G-d's Unconditional Love.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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