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Weekly Message for Sunday, May 11, 2003

                     Our work in Religious Science is to "change our thinking and change our life."  We know that "it is done unto us as we believe," so we must change our beliefs in order to move out of experiences that are less-than-wonderful.  Now, this is not some Pollyanna teaching that teaches that we "see good" where there is none ... in Religious Science we know that the Good is All-ways Present .. we just are not "seeing" It.  God is always Being God ... no matter what we are experiencing.

            There is an impulse within each of us that wants to experience more Good ... even lavishly wealthy people want more Good ... everyone does ... and it has nothing to do with the measure of our wealth ... it has everything to do with our "state of mind."  Many of us reading the statement above almost immediately thought of something negative... but ... that is the thing we must change.  Mama could easily say there would be days of success, happiness, joy and prosperity ... days of wine and roses.  It is all in our mind ... and it is done unto us as we allow the thoughts and ideas that haven't served us in the past to remain resident in our consciousness.  We must "feed our subconscious" with the positive, with faith, hope and love... abundant, rich ideas.

            Mother's Day is a very positive idea.  It is a great idea to honor our mothers, to be appreciative for the role they have played in our lives.  To be grateful that they were the instrument through which the Divine expressed Itself as us.  As we understand and gain an awareness of the nature of God, Infinite Spirit, we understand that each of us are mothers.  Each of us have the opportunity to give "birth" to new ideas, new success and new experiences of happiness and love.  But ... we must attend to our "good ideas" in the same manner that a mother attends to her child.  We must be willing to nurture and care for our ideas enough to allow them to unfold and grow.  Many of us will have great ideas ... ideas that will bring us greater success, happiness and wealth ... but we "abort" the ideas rather than give "birth" to them out of our fear, doubts and negativity... we put our faith in the negative, in the limitations, rather than in the Good ... and we experience what we have faith in.... negativity and limitation.

        Let's begin today, Mother's Day, to give "life" to the Good ideas that appear in our mind and in our thoughts.  Let's open our minds continually and consistently to be receptive to Good ... to Good Ideas that bring us joy, happiness, greater health, wealth and love.


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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