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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for May 13, 2007 

           "If I am Thy child, O God, it is because Thou gavest me such a mother." - St. Augustine

     Many current metaphysical teachers refer to Infinite Spirit as Mother/Father God ... and in this statement they are attempting to define both the masculine and feminine attributes of God.  But, let us not be confused and begin to think of Spirit in terms of gender ... the attributes of Mother/Father describe the processes of mind that are operative in our consciousness.  As we know that not every woman who gives birth to a child is a mother ... we also know that the nurturing qualities of mothering is not limited to women.  In our culture, we create the limitations that cause us to identify certain attributes to male and female ... to mother and to father.

      Anyone who supports, encourages, or assists anyone, not just children, in giving "birth" to the desires of their hearts or to guide them to realize their Good ... is expressing the Mother quality of God.  This quality of God moves us out of being "self-conscious" to being more conscious of our Divinity ... the self-giving-ness of Spirit through us.  Everything that is made manifest in the Universe, was first an "idea" ... and whether this idea is in the form of a baby or another of our heart's desires ... it is up to us to give birth to it ... to be willing for God to bring forth the blessing through us ... that is, through our consciousness.

     Each of us must realize within our consciousness that we are part of God ... living in the Presence of God.  The Master Mind Jesus stated that "the kingdom of Heaven is within you" ... and this "heavenly" state of mind is created by our conscious recognition that we are "in God and of God."  As we foster this idea in our mind ... consciously ... we find that we shed limitations and limited thinking ... and our mind perceives an expansion of Life almost immediately.  If we are not realizing this as the Truth for us, we must sit daily in the Silence of our mind and dwell on this Highest of Truths.  Once we have gained a greater perception of being in the Presence of God ... we can expand on almost every idea or desire that we can imagine ... and we can "know" within our consciousness that the "birthing of our desires" is unfolding through the process of Divine Law and Order.

     Let us remember that our mothers carried us for nine months.  And during this time, I am certain that almost every mother goes through a process of thinking about the life of the child she is carrying.  Most mothers carry within their minds desires for their children.  Almost every mother desires for her child to be healthy and happy.  And most physicians will agree that these "good desires" do effect the unborn child in a positive way.  The thought atmosphere that is created by the happy, expectant mother is no different than the thought atmosphere that we must carry with us in order to give birth to our desires.  This positive, affirmative, thought atmosphere is nurturing and is part of the Mother aspect of God within each of us.

      In order to have great confidence in or ability to give birth to our desires we must cultivate a "radical monotheism" ... of believing in, and acting on, the Infinite Spirit's All-Power.  And though it runs counter to "conventional wisdom" ... I can assure you that conventional wisdom, no matter how beautiful, can be grossly erroneous. (paraphrased from Jeremy Carper)

     Turning our thoughts to God is an action in Mind that must be taken with confidence and assurance in the Power that we are turning to ... for It seeks to express our Good desires through us.  As we embody this spiritual idea of Mother birthing creation, we can know that whatever Good we desire to give birth to ... this attribute of God will move our desires into manifestation ... according to our faith and commitment to It.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

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