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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (May 15, 2005)      

         If we are ever to "realize" the "Kingdom of Heaven" that the Radical Jesus talked about ... we must first get off our knees ... turn from the teachings that tell us that "Heaven" is somewhere outside of us ... and truly begin to understand what a wondrous creation we are.  There are those who will never understand this in this life-time.

           This week in California, not too far from where I live, a man killed his mother, his wife, his three children and himself.  In the mental state that he was in, he stated that he wanted to leave this world for the heaven beyond.  But, there is no heaven beyond ... there is only Life Eternal ... and though we may escape the physical world ... we will definitely remain in the consciousness that we have created through our accepted beliefs and concepts about Life ... and we will move into this next experience on the Other Side ... with the same experiences ... until we change our consciousness.  There is no God on the Other Side waiting to forgive us ... or punish us ... and Jesus. Buddha nor Krishna is not going to "magically" change anything for us either ... the spiritually minded genius, Jesus, already gave us the most highly enlightened awareness of where the Kingdom of Heaven is ... "not lo here, or lo there ... it is within."  The belief that Heaven is somewhere, out there ... is just another way of separating us from God ... as we believe that Heaven is a destination ... then we believe that God is there ... rather than Present ... in scripture we can read that He is "closer to us than breathing" ... God is not out there ... and neither is Heaven.

         The recently released movie, "Kingdom of Heaven" is a fictionalized story of the Crusades ... it is not as fictionalized as Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" ... but it is fiction nonetheless.  The Crusades were began and perpetuated by the religious .... Popes of the Catholic Church ... who wanted to have power over the Muslims ... they could not rest in peace ... not here and probably not on the Other Side either ... without annihilating those they called the "infidels" ... those who did not have the same misguided religious beliefs as themselves.  They promised the soldiers who charged into battle at their command that they would meet heaven on the other side ... but in Truth ... they only met the Other Side  ... with the same consciousness.

This belief in a Heaven out-there has "caused" more violence against others and against ourselves than almost any other falsely-held belief.  The belief that we are separated from Heaven ... also creates the belief that we are separate from each other.  "Separation" can create an inability to feel compassion towards others.  I was watching a "news show" and a reporter stated that most American women do not have strong feelings about the war in Iraq ... because it seems so distant to them.  It is not distant to the women; the mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and wives of the over 1600 soldiers who have been killed or the thousands who have been wounded. This "seeming distance" is lack of compassion and caring ... and lacks the expression of Divine Love.  I immediately rejected the statement as un-true.  I believe there is a deep compassion for the people involved in this war ... but it is not so easily expressed in our current culture ... due to the fact that for many ... this is an unseemly war ... a war without a clear justification ... or honest mission ... and I believe that .... just like the Crusades ... distancing ourselves from it will separate us more and more if we are not diligent in expressing the compassion that is our nature ... both men and women.

         Compassion is inherent within us ... for it is part of the Nature of God ... and God In-dwells us.  Compassion means to "stand with" ... not to sympathize ... we can "stand with" our soldiers and their loved ones in our prayers ... and our prayers are powerful when they are filled with the strength and love of the Divine.  As we read in scripture, "I have loved you with an ever-lasting Love" ... this "Infinite I" is within everyone of us ... and seeks Its expression through us ... now and forever.

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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