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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for May 15, 2011 

                       "The out-push of Mind through human activities is the Self-realization of Spirit and when so understood this out-push becomes invincible.  Ideas come from the great Mind through the human mind.  The two are really one.  But ideas can only come to the mentality that expects them and that opens its doors of thought to them so they can enter and pass through into expression." - Ernest Holmes, Living Without Fear

   "Whatever you have, no matter how seemingly inadequate, bless it.  Even if you have no money and no food, bless your hands, your mind, your skills, your friends, the air you breathe, the sun that brings light.  Bless everything, and your life will be blessed with riches undreamed of. ... When Jesus blessed the five loaves and two fishes, He subjected this evidence of substance to a ray as penetrating as any known to man.  The symbols of bread and fish were still intact, but they were spiritually expanded far beyond the size indicated by their intrinsic worth."
- Eric Butterworth, Discover the Power Within You

     Our faith has an attracting power that cannot be described in words, and that is good because words could only serve to limit that which is unlimited in its capacity.  I recently read that we are to give of that which we desire to receive, and I am convinced that this is true to a certain point.  In other words, if we desire to receive money, then we should give money.  If kindness is what we want to receive more of, then we should be kind at every opportunity to do so.  I believe this is what "true tithing" is all about, it is directing our mind through a conscious action of recognizing what we are "causing".  

     We must be conscious of what we are doing and recognize that when we give money, we can expect to receive money.  Yet, we must also be conscious that we are not expecting our kindness or our money to be received from those to whom we give them.  Our giving, whether it be money or kindness, should be given freely and void of obligation, on our part or on the part of others.  "Freely give and freely receive," is the instruction from the Master Mind Jesus, and it is a principle that we can depend on when we realize that the Spirit will give through us and to us when our mind is free of obligation or indebtedness.

Eric Butterworth in his book, "Discover the Power Within You" ... takes this principle of giving and receiving to another level as the act of blessing.  Blessing that which seems woefully inadequate requires faith, yet faith has a level of "chemistry" to it that will not only attract a greater good to us, it will also lift our mind above the seeming appearance of inadequacy.  No matter what conditions we may find ourselves in, using the power of our mind we can transcend them.  No one is without this power, but often we will let the conditions or circumstances that we confront convince us that we are powerless to do anything about them.  This happens for many reasons.  Often it is because we have lived with the condition or circumstance so long that we see it as our reality and those around us have supported us in believing this as so.  And for many of us, there is an emotional attachment to our problems; shame, blame, self-pity, belief in suffering, belief in struggle, etc.  ... yet, none of these things are permanent or insurmountable.  

     When we feel overwhelmed, it is because we have overwhelmed ourselves by not rejecting the thoughts and ideas that appear to limit us.  We don't do this intentionally and sometimes not even consciously, but we do.  And, I believe our self-esteem has something to do with this as well.  In a world where comparisons are made constantly and the use of words to negate our self-worth are daily being bantered about in daily conversations, the collective consciousness can have a powerful effect on our self-esteem.  This makes it imperative that we consider Butterworth's instruction to "bless everything" that comes to our awareness, no matter how insignificant it may seemingly be.

     By fostering and nurturing our inherent faith in the universal Good and daily "blessing" those things that are ours now, we can begin to "convince" ourselves that it is possible to live the life that we desire to experience.  Every good desire of our heart is ours to experience, to have, or to be, but we must be "convinced, first" that this is so.  It is not necessary or advisable to "convince" anyone else, including G-d.  We have the ability and the capability to choose what it is that we are to be convinced of and as long as it does not diminish the liberty or choice of anyone else, it is ours to work out for ourselves, in our mind, first.  We must do the mental work that is required to "convince ourselves, first."

     Some people continue to believe that we are subject to "God's Will" ... but, as we look at the Nature of G-d intelligently, we realize that if G-d would have a will for us, it would be that we choose to enjoy the infinite Good that G-d has made available to us.  The radical Jesus taught that the "Kingdom of Heaven is within you, not lo here or lo there" ... in other words, it is normal and natural to accept and receive the Good that is ours and create our own heaven right here on Earth  ... and we glorify G-d when we do.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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