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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for May 15, 2016

             The week's message is a tribute to one of the greatest spiritual, metaphysical teachers, Judge Thomas Troward who passed from this life 100 years ago on May 16, 1916. Thomas Troward was born in Punjab, India in 1847 of British parents, Albany and Frederica Troward.  His father was a full colonel in the Indian Army.  He was brought back to England to attend school and in 1865, at the age of 18, he graduated from college with gold medal honors in literature.  He then decided to study Law although at heart he always considered himself an artist and a painter.

             At age 22, in 1869, he returned to India and took the difficult Indian Civil Service Examination.  One of the subjects was metaphysics and Troward surprised everyone with his answers because of their originality.  He became an assistant commissioner and was quickly promoted to Divisional Judge in the Punjab where he served for the next 25 years.

             In India he married his first wife.  Together they had three children.  He married a second time after his first wife died and had three more children.  His second wife, Sarah Ann, helped in the publishing of his works after his death.  In the forward to a publication entitled "Troward's Comments On The Psalms" Annie Troward writes:  "When he retired from the Bengal Civil Service in 1896, he decided to devote himself to three objects ... the study of the Bible, writing his books and painting pictures ...
He believed that the solution to all our problems was there in the Bible for those who read and meditated with minds at one with its Inspirer."

               Troward's favorite hobby was painting.  He had won several prizes for art in India.  After he retired from Civil Service he returned to England in 1902 at the age of 55, intending to devote himself to his painting as well as writing.  He had already thoroughly digested all of the sacred books of the oriental religions and they had certainly influenced his spiritual ideas.  It is said that at one time a vision came to him about the development of a system of philosophy that gave peace of mind and the practical results of physical health and happiness to the individual.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Judge Thomas Troward:  "We can gradually grow into any condition we desire, provided we first make ourselves in habitual mental attitude the person who corresponds to those conditions.
          Any anxious thought as to the means to be employed in the accomplish
ment of our purposes is quite unnecessary. If the end is already secured, then it follows that all the steps leading to it are secured also.
         The law of floatation was not
discovered by contemplating the sinking of things, but by contemplating the floating of things which floated naturally, and then intelligently asking why they did so.
             It becomes, therefore, the most important of all considerations with what character we invest in the Universal Mind; for since our relation to it is purely subjective it will infallibly bear to us exactly that character which we impress upon it; in other words it will be to us exactly what we believe it to be.

         In the later years of his life Dr. Wayne Dyer quoted often from the books written by Thomas Troward.  The Spiritual Living, New Thought and progressive Christianity movements all owe a debt of gratitude to the spiritual awareness shared with us all by Troward.  For those who truly want an intelligent understanding of the Holy Bible and certain books of The Torah, the study of Troward's writings are an absolute must.  His understanding of our relationship to Universal Mind embodied a similarity to that of the Master Mind Jesus, the Buddha and Krishna, but was devoid of any religiosity or prejudice.   

          From the writings of Troward:
"Hence the unceasing necessity for every one to realise the great truth that his whole individuality has its foundation i
n such a root, and that the ground in which this root is embedded is that Universal Being for which there is no name save that of the One all-embracing I AM.
            The supreme necessity, therefore, for each of us is to realise this fundamental fact of our own nature, for it is only in proportion as we do so that we truly live; and, therefore, whatever helps us to this realisation should be carefully guarded. In so far as any form of religion contributes to this end in the case of any particular individual, for him it is true religion. It may be imperfect, but it is true so far as it goes; and what is wanted is not to destroy the foundation of a man's faith because it is narrow, but to expand it. And this expanding will be done by the man himself, for it is a growth from within and not a construction from without.
Our attitude towards the religious beliefs of others should, therefore, not be that of iconoclasts, breaking down ruthlessly whatever from our point of view we see to be merely traditionary idols (in Bacon's sense of the word), but rather the opposite method of fixing upon that in another's creed which we find to be positive and affirmative, and gradually leading him to perceive in what its affirmativeness consists; and then, when once he has got the clue to the element of strength which exists in his accustomed form of belief, the perception of the contrast between that and the non-essential accretions will grow up in his mind spontaneously, thus gradually bringing him out into a wider and freer atmosphere."

             Troward taught that we should respect religion as it served primitive mankind but that we must free ourselves from the religious dogma that separates us from our inherent potential to realize the freedom in knowing that we have access to individual power as our mind becomes in tune with the Infinite.  As the Master Mind Jesus stated, "I, and the Father (Spirit) are One" and in this oneness we realize that the teachings of Troward increases our knowing of the truth that will set us free.  And this truth that Troward discovered through study and meditation has done just that for the past 100 years.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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