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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for May 16, 2010 

                   This week we are in week #5 of a 6-week prosperity series of lessons that I am giving so that each of us have an opportunity to "discover" the way in which we can increase our measure of prosperity and financial ease. [previous lessons in Archived Messages ] I am presenting these lessons via the web site text messages, on the Sunday morning radio program and on the 6-Wednesday evening radio programs.  The first step to realizing greater prosperity is "commitment to prosperity" and so to "activate" our commitment to prosperity, I am suggesting that after each lesson, everyone is to send $1 to Rev. Bates at P. O. Box 1173, Palm Springs, CA  92263 ... I will also accept non-U.S. currency ... write on the outside of the envelope "#5" this week ... and then "#6"  for the last lesson next week of the 6-weeks of commitment to prosperity as we gain a "conviction" that we can experience a more prosperous life, now.  If you are just beginning this week to respond to this exercise in prosperity, write # 5 on your envelope. - Rev Bates

          "Blessings has Multiplying Power:  The act of blessing what is on hand can increase it mightily.  A business woman proved this.  She was between jobs.  Her grocery supplies were so low that the only food she had in the house was a small amount of hamburger, some coffee, and a half carton of cream.  This hungry woman started blessing her pocketbook and financial affairs, but nothing happened.  She decided to bless the small amount of food that was left, remembering how Jesus had multiplied the loaves and fishes by taking them in his hands and blessing them. (Matthew 14:19)
         She anticipated that, as she blessed the food at hand, more food or the money to purchase more food would come to her somehow.  This did not happen, but the power of blessing worked anyway.  After the act of blessing the hamburger, cream and coffee, she used a portion of them for her evening fare.  The next day, when she again inspected the food, she realized that there appeared to be just as much there as had been before using a portion of it the previous evening!  That food was like the manna in the wilderness that been gathered by the Hebrews on the sixth day and had lasted through the seventh day, when no more appeared.  As she continued to bless what was at hand, it met her needs until more money arrived.  Through the continued act of blessing, she secured a job and the crisis passed.  
         Remind yourself often:  "The act of blessing has multiplying power.  As I bless what is on hand, this opens the way for it to increase mightily.  So I bless and increase my health, wealth, and happiness now!"
Catherine Ponder, Minister, Author
      Many people will read the words above written by Catherine Ponder with disbelief ... some will doubt ... and some will read no further as they stop and think about what they will bless first!  The disbelievers and the doubters may never have faced poverty, illness, or loss of any kind ... but, then, perhaps they have and just accepted it as their fate in life and learned to live with it.  Yet, most of us don't accept any of these things as our fate in life and that is why we are willing to "discover" the way in which we can move into a greater experience of financial ease, health and happiness.  And we won't make this "discovery" unless we are willing to do something that we haven't done before because there is no god that can do anything to us ... only through us.  As the Master Mind Jesus taught, we should let our "child-like curiosity" impel us to find out what works for us and what doesn't ... without letting our ego place a judgment in our mind that blocks us from experiencing one of the most enlightening experiences of our life ... demonstrating part of the infinite Good in our lives.  

I choose to believe the testimonial from this woman because believing it has a greater benefit than not believing it.  It offers hope, inspiration and something new to think about and put into practice.  And further more, I want to "prove it" for myself and the only way I can do that, is to do what she did.  I believe the reason why some people "disconnect" from the teachings of Jesus is because the religion that came from his teachings is not about "doing what he did" but talking about what he did.  This woman, "did what he did" in her own personal experience.

     Life is a gift ... It is not a test.  The woman in Catherine Ponder's testimonial was not being tested, she was being gifted ... not with food, money, and a job ... but with faith and confidence that she could absolutely depend on G-d's infinite givingness ... through Love and Law.  She spoke the words, probably at first hoping and wishing that they would do something ... and even when they didn't she persisted.  Persistent and consistent practice of spiritual principles will make a demand on our consciousness to be receptive and open to receive.  But ... we must not confuse spiritual principles with man-made-manipulations.  Blessing, like giving is spiritual and imitates the "likeness" or "being like" G-d.  G-d blesses us and gives to us freely.  We "give" in order to participate in the Divine Circulation; freely give and freely receive.  Love and Law in perfect action.  

The woman, by blessing what she had, activated the Law through Love; that is, trust and faith in Something Greater that would respond to her blessings.  Her faith increased each time she blessed the hamburger, cream and coffee ... and so her good increased according to her belief.  Without a belief in what we are doing ... nothing happens ... belief contains faith, and faith is the substance (energy) of things hoped for.  Our spiritual practices develop our faith and conviction ... and for most of us this requires repetition.  How much? ... no one knows until the demonstration is made and the good desired is made manifest. 
The important point for all of us is ... are we willing to practice with persistence?   

     The wise Myrtle Fillmore wrote: 
"We are to have whatever we require, yes.  But we are making progress toward the time when we shall work at something really constructive, something that reveals God in people and in God's world, something that gives us the privilege of deciding for ourselves, under guidance of Spirit, when we are to go and when we are to come.  As soon as we are capable of it, the Lord will place us in such a position among our fellow human beings."

And so we find a simplicity in both the words of Catherine Ponder and Myrtle Fillmore.  We are to demonstrate through faith the things that we require, because in so doing we are revealing a greater faith and trust within our own consciousness, and this developing of our faith will lead us to have more, to do more, and to be more, so that we can make not only our own life better, but that Spirit can use us to prosper and bless others.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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