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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for May 20, 2007 

           "Give all to love; obey thy heart." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

     This past week the Rev. Jerry Falwell made his transition and almost immediately the blogs and message boards were filled with people's opinions and thoughts about him.  The Rev. Falwell was a very polarizing figure ... which is another way of saying that some people liked him and others hated him ... very few people were lukewarm in their opinions of him.  And the message boards and blogs were filled with words of hate from so many.  The numbers of people who felt "justified" in their hatred or dislike of him were tremendous.  One message that sticks in my mind from the LA Times message board was, "the world is better off without him."  And it occurred to me ... how do we know?  I assure you, there are probably just as many people who would disagree with this statement as there are people who would agree with it.

    In the Science of Mind we understand that the people we dislike the most ... the ones that make us feel the most uncomfortable ... the ones we entertain thoughts of hate towards ... are the very ones who carry with them the greatest lesson we are here to learn.  And that lesson is, "love one another, as I (GOD), have loved you."  In order to do this, we must eliminate from our minds two of the most self-defeating emotions we can experience; judgment and self-hatred.  We cannot hate another unless we find something within our self that we hate.  Now ... this may not always be clearly apparent to us ... but it is the Truth.  And, it may not be something that is apparent to our present conscious mind ... but, it is within our subconscious ... or otherwise, the impulse to hate another would not arise in our conscious mind.

     Just this past week someone asked me if I had been talking to members of my family since my mother's transition a few weeks ago.  I replied that I had been in contact with several of my brothers and sisters as we are a close family.  To which this person replied, "well, I have seven in my family and we all hate each other.  We haven't talked for over twenty years!"  Was I surprised at this? ... no.  I have witnessed far too much of this already in this ministry.  Oftentimes, people will not use the word "hate" ... but the way in which they judge others ... or feel about others ... can be summed up as "hate."  But ... no one is affected by "hate" except for the person who carries this in their consciousness.  And no matter how anyone may attempt to "justify hate" ... there is never any justification for it.

     "Hate" can be a very subtle stumbling block within our consciousness.  Resentment, bitterness, jealousy, indifference, manipulation, arrogance, dislike, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, hetero-phobia ... judgments based on race, creed, gender, religion and culture ... all of these are the subtleties of hate ... there are, of course, too many to list here ... but, any thought in our mind that "causes" us to "withhold love" ... is hateful.  And it will reveal itself in our consciousness at some point in time ... reflecting in our Life experience.

     The following is a great example of a man who chose Love over hate:

Subject: a poem for Liviu Librescu

       I wrote this poem today about Mr. Liviu Librescu, who survived the holocaust and saved the lives of 8 or 9 students at Virginia Tech on Monday and died from gunshot wounds.  I read it at our synagogue this evening and the Rabbi suggested I distribute it to as many places as I could.  I wanted to send you all direct copies and I hope it touches you like it touched me as I wrote it.  Thanks.  Phil

My Stand
A Tribute to Liviu Librescu
By Philip C. Selz

In the darkest times weíve seen, I was sent into the camps
As I smelled the stench of burning flesh, I knew my kin were gone
Survival was my only thought, I knew I must come through
But I didnít know the reason that my living must go on

And when the war had ended, liberation finally came
And I grew to be a man and shortly after took a wife
And we raised our kids in Israel and we did the best we could
And we lived for those who died and worked to make a useful life

Then a teaching job came to me in America one day
And I thought that building new young minds was destiny for me
So I traveled to Virginia and I made a brand new start
And I taught engineering in this homeland of the free

Now I hear the hallways screaming as shots are fired there
And I hear the terror in the screams and understand their plight
So I bar the door from danger and I tell my students Run
And as the bullets breach the door I know that I must fight

And in these final moments as my life is seeping out
I think back over 60 years and finally understand
My own salvation now makes sense as children flee and live
I was saved that day to save this day, Iíve finally made my stand.

     We are "in God and of God" ... let us keep knowing this every day ... and the only way in which we can fully express this Truth is to Love ... to give freely of our Love ... to Love those who have lost sight of the love that is within them ... and to expand our awareness of our infinite ability to give of our Love more and more every day.  We can love everybody ... even those who have gone to the Other-Side ... for Love is activated in our mind ... consciously ... we must consciously choose Love over all things un-like It ... and then our world will appear to be heavenly ... right where we are!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

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