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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for May 22, 2011 

                       "There is no difference between you who have little in life and those who have it all, for rich and poor alike get sick, make enemies, find themselves alone.  But the potential for you gaining more ... is enormous.  And when it is all accomplished, you will know that the opportunities, the ability, the inspiration all came from the 'Father' within, because you will know you could never have done such things if you had not asked the 'Father' within you to help you use all your talents, to put plenty of food in your cupboards, and clothes on your back and happiness and a good life for your children.." - Christ's Letters, Letter 2

                   "We need have no sense of unworthiness, nor should we fall under the illusion that it is spiritual to be poor, or the equally wrong thought that people who happen to possess enough of this world's goods to make life comfortable are thereby unholy." - Ernest Holmes, Living The Science of Mind

     It is difficult to imagine that anyone could find something within themselves that would want to escape this world or to see it destroyed.  Whenever I look out into the world around me I see great beauty and often I will find delight in observing Nature and all of its elements.  To believe that there is something so very wrong with this world in which we live that we can imagine that our Creator would destroy it and most of us in it, compels me to believe that the sense of unworthiness resident in the minds of those who believe such things, makes them a danger to themselves and even perhaps others.  

     I see the "NOTW" stickers on cars and lots of trucks throughout the area in which I travel daily, and from what I have seen, I think very few people who proudly display these letters on their vehicles have any real sense of what "not of this world means."  The full statement attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of John is:  "If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you."  I don't believe this statement was made by the radical Jesus.  I don't think a spiritual genius such as Jesus would state that "the world hates you."  Instead, I believe that John, or whoever wrote this, misunderstood what he was attempting to explain.  And do these people who plaster this "NOTW" sticker on their car and truck windows and bumpers really believe that the "world hates you"?  If they do, what a sad, sad state of mind to live with.  They may not believe in yesterday's "May 21, 2011 Rapture" prediction, but this state of mind is very similar to those who do.  It would make little difference in our lives if "G-d chooses us" ... but it makes a great difference that "we choose G-d" ... Jesus knew this.  And, on the remote possibility that Jesus would have made this statement, he would, at that time, have been talking to Jewish people only.

     I believe that as we read the Bible we must read it based on the Principle that G-d Is All and All Is Good.  This statement speaks to that which transcends our human understanding and provides for a higher thought for us to discover within our mind, our heart and our soul.  This is the way in which Intelligence would create the world.  Anything else would be destructive, rather than Creative.  Humans are the only species that seek to destroy the world in which we live.  It is incredible to even imagine that our Creator would destroy Its Creation.  And I believe that those who see a destructive quality of G-d, believe this through the filter of unworthiness in their mind.

     Unworthiness is a poison to the mind and must be healed.  It separates us from the Good in the world and from G-d.  It blinds us to the Beauty in the world and the beauty within our own soul.  Unworthiness can attract to us abusive relationships and strained relationships with family, friends and co-workers.  But, most importantly, it denies the Divinity that is within us.  Unworthiness accepts "duality" in the world and projects this duality in our relationships in a myriad of ways; as divisiveness, jealousy, hate, lack, limitation, loss.  It prevents us from enjoying the abundance and the success that is available to us; prosperity, friendships, loving family relationships, success in our work, financial ease.  Financial lack and loss are directly linked to "feeling always abused" ... "non-acceptance" ... "quarrel with self" ... and "desperation."  These feelings arise from unworthiness and feelings of both inferiority and superiority.  

     As we read from the words in the "Christ's Letters" ... we can seek G-d within our mind to help us discover our healing.  And in this seeking, we can find faith in the universe; abundance; gratitude; acceptance; love.  Our rapture then will be our delight in G-d's Presence in all things that concern us. 


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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"I have been all things unholy.  If God can work through me, He can work
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St. Francis of Assisi