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Weekly Message for Sunday, May 25, 2003

                     Dr. Joseph Murphy, one of the great metaphysicians of our time, made the statement that "poverty is a disease."  He further explained that poverty is no different than other disease.  What poverty does, he explained, is take our freedom away ... and Spirit must be free.  Being in poverty is no different than being confined to a sick-bed or being limited in our mobility due to physical disability.  Poverty limits our ability to experience Life ... to experience the joys of Life.  But many of us are trapped by the dis-ease of poverty and a "poverty consciousness" is not limited to money nor is its debilitating consequences.

         Whenever we think there is not enough ... or our tendency of thought is on limitation, we will see poverty in our lives.  It may manifest as lack of money or financial struggles or it may manifest as lack of good relationships or supportive friendships.  It will definitely block ideas and the energy necessary to move us into a greater experience of success, prosperity, companionship and happiness.  Very few of us can live through an on-going experience of poverty and not have it show up in our lives in other forms.  People who believe in lack and limitation almost always also accept ideas of sickness, disability and dysfunctional relationships.  Our limited concepts about Life ... our beliefs in not having enough ... equates to not being "good enough" to experience the Good Life.  Long-term poverty attacks our self-esteem and confidence deeply and oftentimes isolates us from the abundant Goodness in the Universe.

         I believe at the root of poverty is self-pity ... the ability to feel "imposed upon" rather than empowered.  Self-pity relates to problems but shies away from opportunities.  In fact, the tendency of self-pity is to self-sabotage all opportunities to rise above the material lack and limitation to a Higher Idea Of Life.  The root of self-pity is a belief in duality ... good and bad. Many believe that a "good" person endures strife and struggle ... while a "bad" person will use any means at hand, seemingly ethical or not, to gain wealth and success.  This false belief is created by a lack of awareness of our relationship to God.  God does not withhold or give based on our measure of good-ness or bad-ness.  We can read the Principle clearly in scripture, "it rains on the good and the bad alike."  The Infinite Abundance of the Universe is not limited ... and therefore there is no god that gives to us based on a judgment of right and wrong, good and evil, deserving or undeserving.  At the same time ... there is no god that withholds from us based on a judgment of right and wrong, good and evil, deserving and undeserving.  This would be to look at God in the image of man/woman ... rather than to look at the Universe as Omnipresent with God.

         Tammy Wynette, the beautiful and spirited, Country Western singer, made the statement, "money doesn't buy happiness, but it sure takes the edge off misery."  In scripture we can read, "God loves a joyful giver" ... well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if we are going to be joyful givers ... we must demonstrate prosperity ... a person living in poverty or on the edge of financial disaster ... does not give joyfully.  Now, this "joyful giving" is not limited to giving to our church or synagogues ... it means we must pay our bills joyfully ... not begrudgingly as if somehow we have less every time we write a check to our creditors.

       We must "release" our money with joy knowing that we cannot out-give God, Infinite Supply ... we cannot!  The more we have the more, I assure you, we will give back to the Universe.  Our consciousness of prosperity will prosper housekeepers, doormen, limousine drivers, Tiffany salesclerks, and of course, the country clubs that we join.  We can raise our consciousness above poverty and limitation ... by dwelling on abundant, prosperous activities ... when our mind turns to lack and limitation ... we can think our way out of it ... by turning our thoughts to rich ideas ... imagining ourselves in lavish surroundings.

      I don't think too many people at the Beverly Hills Country Club are filling their minds with concerns about whether they are "good enough" to sit in the elegant dining room or to have a highly paid tennis pro teach them to bat a ball across the artfully landscaped tennis courts ... they are enjoying life too much for that ... each of us can enjoy a "Country Club" consciousness ... as we make the decision to focus on "Higher Thoughts" rather than let our minds dwell on the outside ... looking in.

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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