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Weekly Message for Sunday, May 26, 2002                                          

"....we cannot take hold of the big unless we let go of the little." 
                             ~ Ernest Holmes ~

                    I heard the term "Christian-Lite" for the first time yesterday.  It was said so that I would understand that the person was not too religious but did have a belief in God and Jesus and considered themselves Christian.  Many people today probably fall into this newly defined religion which denotes a lack of any real enthusiasm or commitment to their religion.  Whether we fall into the definition of "Christian-Lite, Jewish-Lite, Buddhist-Lite or Catholic-Lite," it all means pretty much the same.  In other words, many people are no longer looking to their religion to help them solve their life problems or to inspire them to greater accomplishments.  Many turn instead to self-help gurus and psychology or consultants.  They have found that their religions have brought them "no peace and no satisfaction."

            Even though I understand this lack of enthusiasm, I also understand that, for the most part, the individuals are responsible for much of this dissatisfaction.  Too many of us take both our religions and God for granted. 
We don't take our religion or God too seriously............. until something seriously wrong happens in our life.  Then, we seek God in crisis and don't understand why our prayers are not instantaneously answered in the affirmative.  We turn to God with the understanding of a seven year old taking on a calculus problem.... our approach to God is without confidence, assurance or understanding........ and then... when our prayers are not answered the way we would like....... we turn away from God or give God lip-service, while we seek our solutions elsewhere.  This can become a cycle of futility and often does.

We must stop depending on our ministers, rabbis, priests and gurus for the answers.  Too many of us have let other people define our relationship with God.  We must study and discover our own relationship with God.  We must be willing to look beyond the religions of our ancestors and seek God within our very own consciousness.  We must study God's nature in order to cultivate and foster our relationship with God and with Life.  No one can do this for us as this relationship is unique to each of us.  Our ministers, rabbis, priests and gurus can guide us... but they are only guides, not the answers.  The same is true of Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna and Buddha ... they are "way showers" and we need to study them and their journey into a more enlightened consciousness.  And we must cultivate this expansion of consciousness deliberately. 

Dr. O. C. Smith would tell us, quite simply, "lukewarm water does not boil eggs."  We cannot realize the full value of spirituality or our relationship with God if we are "lukewarm" on our path of discovery.  As we learn more and more, our enthusiasm will increase and we will begin to experience greater joy, harmony, peace, abundance and confidence in our life.  But, we must be willing to give God as much time every day as we do our tv sets and newspapers.  "Christian-Lite" is a no-thing ... no commitment ... no peace ... and no satisfaction...... however we define ourselves, Christian, non-Christian, Jew, Buddhist, whatever....... as we begin to take our religion and God seriously......... very soon we will be walking in the realization that GOD IS ENOUGH FOR ME!!

 And So It Is! 

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates