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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, May 26, 2013 

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        "If we do not accept the idea that we "deserve" to prosper, then even when abundance falls in our laps, we will refuse it somehow.  Look at this example:  A student in one of my classes was working to increase his prosperity.  He came to class one night so excited, for he had just won $500.  He kept saying, "I don't believe it!  I never win anything."  We knew it was a reflection of his changing consciousness.  He still felt he did not really deserve it.  Next week he could not come to class, as he had broken his leg.  The doctor bills came to $500.  ... He had been frightened to "move forward" in a new "prosperous direction" and felt undeserving, so he punished himself in this way. ... Whatever we concentrate on increases, so don't concentrate on your bills.  If you concentrate on lack and debt, then you will create more lack and debt. ... There is an inexhaustible supply in the Universe.  Begin to be aware of it. ... Our own belief in lack and limitation is the only thing that is limiting us. (What belief is limiting you?) ... Do you want to have money only to help others?  Then you are saying you are worthless.  ... The first time I heard the concept, "The abundance of the Universe is available to everyone,"  I thought it was ridiculous. ... "Look at all the poor people," I said to myself.  "Look at my own seemingly hopeless poverty."  To hear, "Your poverty is only a belief in your consciousness" only made me angry.  It took me many years to realize and accept that I was the only person responsible for my lack of prosperity.  It was my belief that I was "unworthy," and "not deserving," that "money is difficult to come by," and that "I do not have talents and abilities," that kept me stuck in a mental system of "not having." - Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life

 I chose these words from the wonderful Louise Hay's book, "You Can Heal Your Life" because although I have read and re-read parts of this book several times, I am always struck by the thought that so many of us have had the same experiences with prosperity.  Most of us have had times in our lives when money seemed so elusive to us.  Times when we wondered how we would ever have enough to even purchase the bare necessities that we required.

      Too often we read books or listen to teachers that inspire us to be prosperous, to have plenty of money and all things good, and we feel confident and assured that our days of lack and limitation are over.  But ... the lack remains and prosperity continues to be just out of our reach.  Just as the student in Louise Hay's class demonstrated $500 and almost immediately it was gone, we too have experienced similar ups and downs with our money.  I am reminded of a time in my early years of studying prosperity principles reading from a book by Dr. Joseph Murphy in which he stated that "poverty is a mental dis-ease" ... I was so angry and in such denial that I was responsible for my financial struggle that I threw the book across the room ... in other words, I took his words personally.  Yet, as I sat in the stillness of my mind I knew that he was right and that I had to find "my way" to heal my consciousness once and for all of poverty, lack and undeserving-ness.  This is something we all must seek and we must do it with diligence and consistency.  As the Master Mind Jesus affirmed, "seek and you shall find."

     We all can see the abundance that is so clearly evident in the Universe in which we live.  We see the infinite number of leaves on the trees, grains of sand on the beach, the ripened fruit that falls to the ground only to be replaced in the next season by new fruit.  Intellectually, we accept this as fact and as truth.  But, we don't demonstrate prosperity through our intellect alone.  As Louise Hay writes, "it took me many years to realize and accept that I was the only person responsible for my lack of prosperity" ... and I can add, "I am the only person responsible for my tremendous prosperity."  Poverty and prosperity are  two sides of the same coin.  Which side are we giving our attention to (?) is the million dollar question.

     In order to develop a consciousness of prosperity we must understand the nature of the spiritual Law that governs this aspect of our conscious awareness.  The Law is the simple statement of Truth that the Master Mind Jesus gave us:  "It is done unto you as you believe" ... in other words, G-d responds to us by corresponding to that which we believe to be true for us and about us.  And it does not matter in the least whether we are a saint or a sinner the Law works for everyone in the same universal, precise way ... just as the physical laws of gravity and mathematics do.  What we must understand is the word "correspondence"  (Cause) ... for it is by correspondence that we have experienced that which we have experienced ... and will always experience.

    One of the best teachers of "correspondence" is the late W. Frederic Keeler.  Keeler tells us that our lack and poverty have to do with these thoughts and the feelings that follow them:  "Desperation; "always abused"; quarrel with self; confusion; "hopeless struggle"; doubt; non-acceptance; disorder; inharmony."  If we have these feelings; desperation, always abused, etc. then this is what we are believing ... if we feel it, we believe it.  It is a blessing that Mr. Keeler guides us to the solution or treatment:  "Peace regarding the need; faith in the universe; abundance; G-d the source; a positive choosing a definite thing asked for; gratitude; acceptance; love."

     Louise Hay writes, "It is essential that we stop worrying about money and stop resenting our bills.  Many people treat bills as punishments to be avoided if possible.  A bill is an acknowledgement of our ability to pay.  The creditor assumes you are affluent enough and gives you the service or the product first.  I bless with love and stamp with a small kiss (?) on each and every bill that comes into my home.  I bless with love and stamp a small kiss (?) on each and every check I write.  If you pay with resentment, money has a hard time coming back to you.  If you pay with love and joy, you open the free-flowing channel of abundance.  Treat your money as a friend, not as something you wad up and crush into your pocket."  And this is the way Louise Hay has found for her to receive the prosperity that she enjoys.

     It is important that we get past our feelings of unworthiness and non-acceptance based on the world's idea of who we are.  As Louise Hay writes "these ideas are for everyone" and she gives us this example:  "The man was a hooker and wanted to increase his business, so he came to me for a prosperity session.  He felt he was good at his profession and wanted to make $100,000 a year.  I gave him the same ideas I am giving you, and soon he had money to put into Chinese porcelains.  He spent so much time at home, he wanted to enjoy the beauty of his ever-increasing investments."

     Let's take another look at W. Frederic Keeler's "correspondences" ... is there an identification with any of these? ... "Desperation; "always abused"; quarrel with self; confusion; "hopeless struggle"; doubt; non-acceptance; disorder; inharmony."  If we identify with any of these the most important thing that we do is that we DO NOT beat ourselves up about it and even more important DO NOT allow ourselves to think that these thoughts are punishments or that we have no control over them.  We take control by finding "our way" to prosperity and ease in our experiences of life.  Everyone must do this for themselves for our "decision" and "commitment" to seek and find, will result in us drawing to us all those who are necessary to assist us in achieving the results that we expect for ourselves.

     And finally, even Louise Hay directs us to the teachings of the prosperity teacher extraordinaire, Reverend Ike.  She writes:  "Begin to recognize prosperity everywhere, and rejoice in it.  Reverend Ike, the well-known evangelist from New York City, remembered that as a poor preacher he used to walk by good restaurants and homes and automobiles and clothing establishments and say our loud, "That's for me, that's for me."  Allow fancy homes and banks and fine stores and showrooms of all sorts - and yachts - to give you pleasure.  Recognize that all this is part of YOUR abundance, and you are increasing your consciousness to partake of these things if you desire.  If you see well-dressed people, think, "Isn't it wonderful that they have so much abundance?  There is plenty for all of us."  Affirm this daily and often: "I deserve the best and I accept the best, now."


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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