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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (May 28, 2006)      

               "Faith is a principle in the universe, and wherever it has been exercised, this principle has been demonstrated." -- Dr. Ernest Holmes, How To Use The Science of Mind

Many people think that because the Science of Mind stresses Universal Principles and immutable Laws of the Universe, that it lacks a true reverence for God.  This could not be further from the truth.  The Science of Mind teaches us to go beyond the physical to the spiritual ... to look at Life intelligently and to relate to God intelligently.  In this awareness that God Is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient:  All-Present, All-Power, All-Knowing ... there is no guessing about the nature of God.  God Is All and God Is Good.  This is the basic Principle that we depend on ... and this holds God in Absolute reverence.

      God does not change ... only our concept of God changes.  Our concept evolves ... as does all of Life ... although sometimes the human species attempts to resist evolution.  This is even evident in the Bible:  the Old Testament was Law ... the Teachings of Jesus was Love and Grace ... the New Testament writings of Paul were resistance to Love and Grace, but often mingled with profound mystical Truth.

     The Science of Mind is not concerned with that which changes as much as it is concerned with the change-less, age-less Principles of Life.  Moses used the same Mind as Jesus ... and Paul used the same Mind as Moses and Jesus.  There is only One Mind ... and that Mind is God ... but we each take from this One Mind what our awareness of It gives us.  And for many of us our awareness of God progresses ... digresses ... progresses ... digresses ... and that is the problem that many of us face on a day to day basis.  Our lack of Absolute-ness of the Truth.

      "There can be no permanent healing without a spiritualization of consciousness.  A permanent healing takes place in such degree as consciousness turns inward to the Source of being and finds itself united with life, with love, with God.  This is what we call spiritual awareness and it is fundamental to all permanent healing." - Dr. Holmes

      This spiritualization comes from the realization that each of us has personal and immediate access to all the presence and power there is in the universe ... the infinitely-individualized Infinite Presence - God - is at every point of the Universe (Omnipresent) ... and is therefore available to us at the point of our recognition that this is so.

      Treatment:  "I am conscious that I am surrounded by Divine Love and Infinite Wisdom, and that the Life of God is my life now.  I know that there is nothing in me which can hinder Divine Intelligence from governing my affairs, from daily guiding me into right action, therefore, I affirm that at all times I know what to do and am impelled intelligently to act on every right impression that comes to me." - Dr. Holmes

      It is necessary for us to move-in-mind (thoughts) from things as they appear to be and to think independently of any and all existing conditions.  No one can hope successfully to practice this science unless they are able and willing to do this.  It is simple ... but not easy.  It requires great effort ... but the effort is always within our own mind.  It takes effort to discipline our thinking to the affirmative ... but it must be done in order to eliminate discord from our lives.

The Master Mind Jesus stated, "be in the world, but not "of the world" ... and this statement given to us by the Master Metaphysician is the basis of the Science of Mind ... it is Absolute ... and it is as absolutely true today as it was then.  And lest we think we cannot master this Principle, remember with me that we are using the same Mind as did Jesus ...  all we must do is raise our awareness higher.

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love,
Rev. Bates

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